Fall Guys Master Chief: How To Get The Master Chief Outfit

Fall Guys Master Chief: How To Get The Master Chief Outfit
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1st Jul 2022 10:23

Fall Guys Master Chief was an inevitable crossover as soon as the game was announced to be coming to the Xbox. Fall Guys has gone through some huge changes in the last while, it has been a busy time for both fans and the developers. Halo fans can now dress up as their favourite space marine, but not for free. Here is how to get the Fall Guys Master Chief outfit.

Fall Guys Master Chief: How To Get The Outfit

Fall Guys: how to get the outfit
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Master Chief is just one of a few Halo-themed cosmetics that have been added to the game. He comes alongside a Brute Chieftain outfit and a Grunt outfit, not to mention the Grunt Panic emote. These are all now available through the in-game store. As Fall Guys Free-to-Play is now a thing, these kinds of microtransactions for cosmetic items are to be expected.

The Master Chief outfit costs 1200 Show Bucks, the Brute Chieftain and the Grunt are 800 each, and the Grunt Panic emote is 400 Show Bucks. There is a bundle, you can buy all of these items together for 2400 Show Bucks. Show Bucks are bought in bundles, not unlike V-Bucks and most other in-game currencies. The cheapest option is to buy 2800 Show Bucks, which costs £16.99/€19.99/$19.99.

Don’t worry if you are a Halo fan who is not currently playing on Xbox, as these items are available on all platforms.


Fall Guys Master Chief: Spartan Showdown

Fall guys: spartan showdown
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If you don’t fancy paying real money to look like a Spartan in Fall Guys, there is another option. These items are here because of the ongoing Spartan Showdown event. This limited game mode is available from the show selector. It pits you and a friend against other “Spartans” in a contest to eliminate each other using blast balls.

There are a series of challenges currently available that are tied to the Spartan Showdown mode. Complete these challenges to unlock points, up to 1000. There are several rewards to earn along the way, but reaching 1000 will get you the Purrfect Helmet item. This is a pink Spartan helmet with cat ears, and honestly, what more could you want.

That is everything there is to know about how to get the Fall Guys Master Chief outfit. For more useful tips for the game, check out our how to change your name in Fall Guys guide.

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