Fall Guys - How To Win!

Fall Guys - How To Win!

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Coleman Hamstead


8th Sep 2020 17:25

On August 4, 2020, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout took the world by storm. The outrageous twist on the Battle Royale genre was relatively unknown before release. However, it's charm quickly attracted the gaming community's attention. All of a sudden, the biggest names in streaming were playing it. Fall Guys was the #1 game on Steam and Twitch throughout launch day. In just one week, Fall Guys has sold two million copies on Steam.

Just like everyone else in the world it seems, the GGRecon team has been trying their hand in the new Mario Party-esque Battle Royale. Through countless hours of pure silly fun (and a few crowns), we have gathered up some keys to success. At its core, Fall Guys is loaded with RNG and luck, but certain strategies and techniques can increase your chances of qualifying. 

Below, we have some general tips as well as round-specific tips. Take notes and try some of these tricks out in your next run. We promise it'll give you a leg up on the competition.

General Tips

  • Remember: it's not about finishing first, it's about qualifying. The top 50-70 percent of players qualify each round. Use this to your advantage and take your time. Rushing recklessly forward could lead to costly mistakes. In Fall Guys, the tortoise beats the hare.
  • DIVE. Players with their eyes on the crown should be diving every round. Whether it's a Race, Hunt, or a Survival Round, diving can be crucial. Diving can be used to gain a few extra inches, avoid a hazard or escape another Jelly Bean's grab.
  • Don't make enemies. I know — it's fun to troll other players by grabbing them and tossing them around. However, don't be surprised if those same players come back for revenge. I find myself remembering the names of the beans that harass me and hunting them down for vengeance in the later rounds. If winning is your goal, leave the other players alone.
  • Similar to the first tip, but when it comes to team rounds, it's not about winning, it's just about not losing. In team rounds, the last-place team is eliminated while the other teams move on. While cruel, the best strategy for team games is to bully the team with the least points. As long as your team doesn't lose, you qualify. For example, say that you are playing Egg Scramble and the Red team has 23 eggs, the Blue team has 18 eggs, and the Yellow team has nine eggs. Players on the Red and Blue team should focus on stealing eggs from the Yellow team. 

Round-Specific Tips

See Saw

See Saw is a Race round consisting of giant see-saws. The see-saws will tilt toward either the left or the right depending on the number of players on top. Players need to work with other beans to balance the see-saws and make their way across.

  • Stay toward the middle of the see-saw. Being too far to the right or left will make it much more difficult to cross to the next platform.
  • Always dive. Diving will stick your bean to the platform and prevent you from sliding off. If you simply jump, your bean can lose balance and plummet to the depths below. 
  • This is the one free-for-all round where working with other players is to your benefit. Try to work with the other beans to balance the see-saws evenly. Cooperation is in your best interest.

Door Dash

Door Dash is as the name implies. Players will race through a series of doors in hopes of qualifying for the next round. The catch is that not all of the doors open up. They all look identical, but only a few in each series are real.

  • Refer to our first General Tip for this race. Resist the urge to be a hero. Being the first to test a door is all it takes to lose this race. Instead, follow the pack. Wait until a door opens up before moving forward. You won’t ever come first, but you’ll qualify.
  • Dive through the doorways. The doors toward the end of the race get absolutely packed. Diving will ensure your bean makes it through. 

Tip Toe

Tip Toe is a race across an illusion of tiles. A board of tiles appears before players. However, there is only one “true” pathway to the finish line. The rest of the tiles are fake and will have players falling to their death.

  • Follow the leader. Trying to forge your own path in Tip Toe is a recipe for disaster. One risky misstep will put you back at the beginning and usually end in disqualification. Let other players test the tiles. Follow the lit path and wait for a daredevil to lead you to the finish line.
  • Fake tiles will shake. If you see a tile shaking, it is 100% an illusion. Use this to find the real path through the process of elimination.
  • The path will get crowded toward the end. Everyone is piled up, waiting for someone else to make the first move. Stay toward the middle and grab other players to stay in place. Beans will be bumping together and knocking each other around so grab on for dear life.
Fall Guys Techniques
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Egg Scramble

Egg Scramble has three teams fighting over dozens of eggs. The team with the fewest eggs in their basket at the end of the round is disqualified.

  • At the start, grab as many normal eggs as possible. Everyone will be worried about the golden eggs while you sneakily transport all of the normal eggs to your team’s basket. 
  • After all the eggs have left the middle, it becomes time to either defend your basket or steal eggs from the other teams’ baskets.
  • If you choose to defend, focus on the golden eggs and don’t let go. Golden eggs are worth five normal eggs, so it’s important to keep them in your team’s basket. 
  • If you are attacking, focus on the team with the least eggs. Jump in their basket and remove as many eggs as possible. Don’t worry about taking them back to your team’s basket. It’s much more efficient to simply toss them out of the other teams’ baskets.
  • Diving while holding onto an egg will propel it forward. Use this to fling eggs into your team’s basket or launch them out of the other teams’ baskets.

Rock ‘N’ Roll

Rock ‘N’ Roll is a team race where groups of players work together to push a large ball through an obstacle course. The first two teams to get their ball into the goal qualify.

  • The beginning of the race is rather inconsequential. Help your team push the ball but don’t stress too much. All three teams usually reach the final section at the same time.
  • The final section is where things get interesting. The walls between teams disappear, and players are free to interact with each other and the enemy teams’ balls. It’s time for sabotage.
  • Set yourself up to push back another team’s ball. Fighting back and delaying a team from reaching the goal will give your team enough time to finish the race. If you can hold off the other teams, you’ll never lose this round.

Fall Mountain

You've made it to the Final Round. Now you are tasked with scaling Fall Mountain and claiming the crown. Fall Mountain is a free-for-all race up an obstacle-filled mountain. The first player to grab on to the massive crown atop the mountain wins.

  • Stay to either the far left or the far right of the track. You'll be the safest from the obstacles on these edges.
  • The course has a few different spinning obstacles. A common mistake players make is going against the direction the object is spinning. Make sure to go with the motion of the object. For example, if a spinning hammer is going clockwise, run to the left of it. You will make it through every time with this strategy.
  • Tilt your camera upwards so that you can see the giant balls as they fly out of the cannons. This will allow you to dodge them preemptively.
  • Most importantly, hold the grab button when you make the final jump to the crown. Forgetting to press grab will result in your bean smacking off the crown and a sad return to the lobby.


Another one of the Final Rounds, Hex-A-Gone drops players into an arena of hexagon-shaped tiles. Once stepped on, the tiles will disappear. There are multiple layers of tiles, each one increasing in size. The final layer is made of blue tiles. Fall through here, and you'll end up in the slime. The round continues until only one player remains.

Hex-A-Gone already has a few "meta" strategies:

  • The most important thing to know about Hex-A-Gone is that jumping from tile to tile makes them disappear at a much slower rate than just running over them. Jump, don't run, and you'll find yourself layers above the competition.
  • Always be plotting your next move. If you don't pay attention, you can fall through several layers all at once. As players fall, there will be fewer and fewer tiles to choose from. Angle your camera downwards so that you can see what tiles are still available. If necessary, bail early. Just make sure you always have space below to land on.
  • Players may consider falling straight down to the last layer. This sounds counterintuitive, but hear us out. At the bottom, you can run around and make all of the centre titles disappear. After that, stay to the outside and jump slowly from tile to tile. Without any tiles to fall on, the players above will plummet straight into the slime. The strategy is risky because if even one other player tries to do it with you, you'll probably lose. Use at your own risk.

In a game like Fall Guys, there is no guaranteed path to victory. However, by using the tips and tricks above, you put yourself in the best position to claim the crown.

Stay tuned here @GGReconEsports for Fall Guys news, guides, features, and more.  

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