Fall Guys Season 2: Modes, Event, And Season Pass

Fall Guys Season 2: Modes, Event, And Season Pass
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12th Sep 2022 17:14

Fall Guys season 2 has just been announced with a crazy trailer that saw one of the beans float into a space with a bench (no, really), with it set to launch on September 15. Fall Guys' first season as a free-to-play game is coming to an end as the beans leave their planet for the stars. There is set to be new game modes, events, and a season pass with a tonne of crossover cosmetics, so check out everything you should know about Fall Guys season 2 with our breakdown. 

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Fall Guys Season 2 Modes

Fall Guys Season 2 Modes
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There are a multitude of new modes for the latest season, though all of them are yet to be revealed. Here are the Fall Guys season 2 mode we know of so far:

  • Tiptoe Finale - Sees up to four squads tiptoeing toward the middle to collect the crown. 
  • Starchart - Progress through a course of invisible walkways that can be revealed by bumping into buttons along the way.
  • Pixel Painers - Hop onto tiles to spell out the correct patterns.
  • Cosmic Highway - Hop across rows of moving platforms and travel the Cosmic Highway.
  • Hyperdrive Heroes - Stay on the hoverboard and reach the finish without falling off. 
  • Hex-a-terrestrial - Navigate floating platforms and don't fall off when they disappear under your feet. 
  • Space Race - A gauntlet of obstacles across the stars. 
  • Frantic Factory - A free-for-all where you have to bash buttons to get points. 


Fall Guys Season 2 Event

The season will also kick off with an event on September 15. Satellite Explorers will introduce the new modes above, along with a mission where players must play and repair a satellite by earning points. You can also earn free rewards by taking part in this event and earning points. Below is a list of the rewards and the points you need to unlock them:

  • Space Bean Nickname - 200 points
  • 200 Kudos - 300 points
  • Satellite Explorer Nameplate - 500 points
  • Space Icons Pattern - 800 points
  • Satellite Backpark - 1000 points

Fall Guys Season 2 Season Pass

Fall Guys Season 2 Season Pass
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With a new season, there is of course a brand-new season pass full of new cosmetics for players to earn. This time it's full of space-themed content, and even features some crossovers such as Star Trek, Alien, and Hatsune Miku

There is also a free track for players who won't wish to purchase the season pass, but you likely won't be able to receive the Spock or Xenomorph skins. The picture above shows off just some of the clothing you can earn with the Fall Guys season 2 season pass.

That's all for our breakdown of what we know about Fall Guys season 2 so far, and now you know about some of the new game modes, the latest event, and the content in the season pass.

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