Fall Guys Free-To-Play, Release Date, Next-Gen Details, And More

Fall Guys Free-To-Play, Release Date, Next-Gen Details, And More
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Dave McAdam


21st Jun 2022 13:27

Fall Guys is about to be free-to-play, so for players who've been watching the little beans on their competitive platforming adventures, you can now jump in yourself. Fall Guys released for PC and PS4 back in August 2020, but after a lot of success and a buyout from Epic Games, they are now expanding it to even more platforms and making it free. However, you may wonder what time is Fall Guys going free, along with what time is Fall Guys coming to Xbox/Switch? Read on for a our primer on Fall Guys free-to-play.

Fall Guys Free-To-Play: Release Date

Fall Guys Free To Play: Release Date
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Up until now, Fall Guys has been available on PlayStation 4 and Steam. While it has many of the usual trappings of a free-to-play game, it never has been outside of launching as a free PS Plus game on PS4. Since then, if you wanted to be a little bean and waddle your way to glory, you had to put down cash to do it. From June 21, 2022, Fall Guys will be available completely for free. Naturally, that means some changes are coming to the game.

First of all, that day will also be the launch of Fall Guys Season One. Dubbed "Season One: Free For All", this new seasonal model will expand on the game's existing progression model, where players will earn progress and unlock new cosmetic items. It is all very typical fare for the free-to-play market, but many existing players will rightly ask what it means for them, the people who paid money for the game.


Returning fans will be rewarded with the Legacy Pack, which contains several cosmetics and grants access to the first season, for free. So, anyone who has previously played the game can look forward to some extra goodies when they log in any time after June 21.

What Time Is Fall Guys Going Free?

You may also wonder what time is Fall Guys going free? Sadly, we don't have an exact time yet, but it's definitely confirmed to be happening today (June 21) so we suggest just periodically checking your game to see if it has an update, or watching the official Fall Guys social channels like Twitter. The update and new platform releases (detailed below) will likely happen all at the same time, but as Mediatonic is based in the UK, a 6pm BST (1pm EST/10am PST) would make sense. 

Fall Guys Free-To-Play: New Platforms

Fall Guys Free To Play: New platforms
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As if the news of Fall Guys becoming free-to-play wasn't enough, Mediatonic is also bringing the game to even more systems. On the same day that the game goes free, it will also become available on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and X, and the Epic Games Store.

Obviously, the game coming to so many new consoles is huge news, that means the game will finally be available to so many more people. The game going to Epic Game Store may not sound that important, as it is already available on PC, but through Epic Online Services, the game will have full crossplay and cross-progression, meaning you will be able to play the game on any platform with friends on any other platform, and always be making progress on the same account.

Finally, Fall Guys is getting a next-generation upgrade on PlayStation. The game, which made its original home on the PS4, will finally have a proper PS5 version.

What Time Does Fall Guys Come Out On Switch/Xbox?

We don't have an exact time currently, but we expect that they will release at the same time as the free-to-play update for the platforms that the game is currently on. 

Fall Guys Free-To-Play: New Additions

fall guys changes
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With the new free-to-play model, there are also a number of new features and additions that will be added to the game. Firstly, there are a bunch of brand-new rounds, with the devs teasing Hex-a-Ring, Speed Circuit, Volleyfall so far, with even more to come. 

With these new game modes, there are also a tonne of new obstacles that range from the surreal to the silly. On the Fall Guys website, the developers wrote "we aim to steer away from the plain and boring, and these new obstacles are bound to keep you falling." Some of the teased obstacles are jump ropes, bouncy floors, and blast balls. 

Lastly, there are also new challenges to take part in for both solo and squad modes, so you can earn rewards like cosmetics. 

Those are all the big changes coming to Fall Guys later this summer. For more important updates on the game, like the gross fact that Fall Guys eat with their feet, stick with GGRecon.

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