Fall Guys Abstergo Challenges And Rewards

Fall Guys Abstergo Challenges And Rewards
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7th Jul 2022 12:15

There are many Abstergo Fall Guys challenges and rewards as part of the game's latest Assassin's Creed themed event. Fall Guys has recently gone free-to-play, causing a tonne of new and old players to jump back into the game and compete to win. With this has come some new events, like the recent Halo crossover and now the Abstergo crossover. So if you're looking for a rundown of the Abstergo Fall Guys challenges and rewards, along with an explainer of the event, read on. 

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Abstergo Fall Guys Event

Abstergo Fall Guys Event
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The Abstergo Fall Guys event is a brand-new limited-time event that is set to run from July 7 to July 11, giving players a whole weekend to take part in the new game mode, complete challenges, and earn cosmetic rewards. 

The new game mode is called Sweet Thieves Show, which is an asymmetrical team game where a team of invisible thieves need to take candy while guardians attempt to stop them. Thieves can win by collecting all the sweets and placing them into a hole, while the guardians will win by letting the timer run down before the thieves can perform their task. 

Abstergo Fall Guys Challenges 

Abstergo Fall Guys Challenges
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There are 10 challenges that players can attempt to complete during the whole event. Each one is based on the Sweet Thieves Show game mode, so you can only complete them by taking part in the mode. Each one rewards you with 100 Sweet Tokens, allowing you to earn the event's rewards. The challenges are:

  • 1 - Carry candy for 30 seconds. 
  • 2 - Carry candy for 75 seconds. 
  • 3 - Press the button as a Thief once.
  • 4 - Press the button as a Thief five times. 
  • 5 - Play as a Thief three times. 
  • 6 - Win as a Thief.
  • 7 - Play as a Guardian once.
  • 8 - Win as a Guardian. 
  • 9 - Grab five Thieves as a Guardian.
  • 10 - Grab 20 Thieves as a Guardian.


Abstergo Fall Guys Rewards

Abstergo Fall Guys Rewards
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There are a total of five rewards that can be earned by completing the Abstergo Fall Guys challenges. You will need to finish all of the challenges to earn them. 

Reward Type Tokens Needed
Animus Trainee Nickname 100
200 Kudos Kudos (currency) 300
Apple of Eden Banner 500
Animus Synchronising Pattern 700
Apple of Eden Costume Upper 1000


That's all for our breakdown of the Abstergo Fall Guys challenges and rewards, and now you know everything there is to know about the latest event. 

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