Does Fall Guys Have Voice Chat?

Does Fall Guys Have Voice Chat?
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6th Jul 2022 10:35

You may want to know, does Fall Guys have voice chat? Even a simple and straightforward experience like Fall Guys can be made easier if you are able to communicate with your team. The fun of Fall Guys is that even in with friends, you can just turn your brain off and play through the myriad of events, but if you're looking to snag that crown and become victorious, voice chat won't go amiss. So check out how to enable and use Fall Guys voice chat. 

Does Fall Guys Have Voice Chat?

Does Fall Guys Have Voice Chat?
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The answer is yes, Fall Guys does have voice chat, but it's not automatically enabled, meaning you will need to turn it on if you are planning to start talking with people in-game. There are two simple ways of turning on voice chat, which we'll cover. Firstly, from the main menu, you should notice an option in the bottom left corner called 'Open Party.' Select this to open your party screen where you can invite friends, and below the slots where they join, there will be a speaker icon labelled 'Join Chat.' Just select this and voice chat will be enabled for your party, but you will need other friends to turn it on too, so they speak back.

The second option requires you to jump into the games options menu instead. Select the gear icon in the top right of the main menu screen, then 'Audio,' and then switch the Party Voice Chat on. Both of the options should permanently turn it on, but it's worth checking a second time to see if it has stuck. 


From now on, you and the players in your party can communicate and help each other win. It’s worth noting this doesn't allow you to speak to everyone in the game, just your party, so thankfully all 60 players can't start talking to each other as it would be chaos. 

That's our answer to the question, does Fall Guys have voice chat? And now you know two ways to turn the option on. 

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