How to defeat a Griffin in Dragon's Dogma 2 & all rewards

How to defeat a Griffin in Dragon's Dogma 2 & all rewards
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Samam Hasan


28th Mar 2024 13:42


In Dragon's Dogma 2, you'll find a lot of formidable creatures roaming the lands willing to take down anything in their paths - and one of the rarer creatures you'll encounter is a Griffin.

These monsters are very hard to come by and they tend to come out of nowhere and attack you. You may also notice them flying in the skies as well and if you get close to them it'll bring you trouble. So, you'll need to be really prepared to take this creature down at any moment's notice in the game.

Best strategy to kill Griffins

dragons dogma 2 griffin
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Compared to other creatures like the mighty dragons, the Griffin is generally easier to kill once you and your pawns are around level 20. These ensure you have specific skills that do the most damage, but overall, I recommend using the following strategies to take down one:

Have a Mage or Sorcerer in your party

You need to have a Mage or Sorcerer as they'll provide healing support in addition to helping out in attacks. They can sometimes incapacitate enemies - including a Griffin - for a short time, which can provide you with a window to do some serious damage to them.

Use fire attacks whenever possible 

dragons dogma 2 griffin
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The Griffin is vulnerable to fire and doing enough fire damage will completely stop them from taking flight when things get bad for them. Using spells via spell books or having a Mage and/or Sorcerer in the party is really effective here as they can add fire spells to your weapons. Doing enough fire damage will completely burn up the Griffin's body for a short time which will give you enough time to take them out.

Focus attacks on the Griffin's head

dragons dogma 2 griffin
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The Griffin's main weak point is its head so whenever you have the opportunity, grab onto it when you have enough stamina. Then, mash the attack buttons to damage it. During this time, the Griffin will start to move uncontrollably where you'll have to be patient. After it's stopped moving like this, go for its head again.

Keep the Griffin grounded

The Griffin is an opportunistic creature. Whenever they get outmatched, they'll tend to flee or do aerial attacks or stomps. You'll have to make sure they don't have that window by attacking its wings or getting on top of it. This is where fire attacks are particularly useful as they'll stun them.

Potential rewards for taking down a Griffin in DD2

The rewards for defeating a Griffin include:

  • Dragon's Breath (Magickal bow)
  • Ferrystone
  • Gold Ore
  • Great Griffin Claw
  • Griffin Pinion
  • Jasper
  • Miracle Roborant
  • Monster Fang
  • Monster Hyde
  • Onyx
  • Tiger Eye

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That's everything you need to know about defeating a Griffin in Dragon's Dogma 2. We have a dedicated guides hub for the game which includes guides for getting Rift Crystals, finding the Jadeite Orb , and the smithing styles in the game, so be sure to check those out as well.

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