Does MW2 DMZ Have Perks?

Does MW2 DMZ Have Perks?
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Harry Boulton


16th Nov 2022 11:33

When jumping into the new Extraction Shooter game mode in MW2, you might be asking yourself - does DMZ have perks? As it appears to operate in a similar fashion to Modern Warfare 2's other popular mode Warzone, you might rightfully be wondering whether you need to factor perks into your ideal DMZ loadout. So, to find out whether there are perks in DMZ, make sure to carry on reading down below.

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Does DMZ Have Perks?

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Unfortunately, if you wanted to boost your performance and gain some special enhancements through perks in the new game mode then you'll be disappointed, as there is currently no option to select a perk in DMZ.

While there is a new perk system in the Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer, with Bonus and Ultimate perks being earnable over time, and perks are obviously key in the new and improved Warzone 2, they are not involved at all in the extraction-focussed DMZ.

You can only take a certain amount of items into Al Mazrah via a loadout, and they are as follows:

  • Two weapons plus ammo
  • Two equipment pieces
  • One Field Upgrade and Killstreak
  • Armour Plates and Gas Mask

As you can see, perks are absent from this list, and you won't be able to find and pick up any while on the map too, as the loot is limited to keys, cash, and any of the items found above. This is not to say that perks won't be added in the future, as Infinity Ward has not ruled that possibility out, but it appears to be a deliberate core design choice to not integrate them into the game mode. 

No Ghost, no Quick Fix, and no Focus to help you win your gunfights, so you'll have to rely on good old aim and movement to power you through to extraction.

So, that should answer the question of whether DMZ has perks or not, letting you start to build your ideal loadout in preparation for your next raid. If you're sick of losing all of your hard-earned guns though, make sure to read our guide for how to insure weapons in MW2 DMZ mode.

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