Where are all the Vondel Dead Drops in DMZ

Where are all the Vondel Dead Drops in DMZ
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Learning all the map locations for the Vondel Dead Drops in DMZ is vital if you want to know exactly where you can store cash and items for the various factions missions.

DMZ was first introduced in Modern Warfare 2 as a version of the popular extraction shooter genre, combining it with the gameplay formula of COD. Each new season has seen the mode receive changes, along with new maps like Vondel.

If you're a frequent DMZ player, make sure you know where all the Vondel Dead Drops are located for when you need them.

Dead drop in the Vondel Zoo

The Vondel Zoo Dead Drop in DMZ is swarming with AI.
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Just inside the southwest gate to the Zoo Point of Interest (POI), situated along the western wall that borders the Zoo, you will find a Vondel Dead Drop. This Dead Drop sits inside D7 on the in-game Tactical Map.

The first objective for the Tier 2 Black Mous Story Mission, Icebreaker, tasks you with picking up a couple of items from the Zoo Dead Drop. If you're on this Faction Mission, you will find a letter of introduction and a tracker inside the Zoo Dead Drop.

Dead drop in the Vondel University

Vondel University features teo seperate DMZ Dead Drops.
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The University POI is home to two Vondel Dead Drops. One is west of City Hall and barely inside G3 on the Tac Map. The other is northeast of the Graveyard, positioned in the southwest corner of E3.

The second and third stages of the Icebreaker Mission for Black Mous ask that you deliver the letter of introduction and the tracking device from the Zoo Dead Drop to the Phalanx Dead Drop at the University. As it turns out, both University Dead Drops work for this Faction Mission, so transfer the items to whichever one is easiest.

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Dead drop in the Vondel Fire Department

The Fire Dept. Dead Drop on Vondel in DMZ is probably the most low-key.
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Northwest of the Fire Department POI is a Vondel Dead Drop inside B5. This Dead Drop is next to a graffiti portrait of a raven, drawn on the side of a building that sits alongside the road that runs through the center of Vondel.

Dead drop in the Vondel Museum

The Vondel Museum Dead Drop is right next to the Museum POI in DMZ.
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The fifth and final Vondel Dead Drop is at the Museum POI. This Dead Drop is on the eastern wall outside the Museum, inside H6.

That's it for the Dead Drops on Vondel in DMZ. Visit any of these Dead Drops to safely stash loot or deposit Cash. Dead Drops are tied to many Faction Mission objectives too, so it's useful to know where they are all at.

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