Every Ashika Island POI In Warzone 2

Every Ashika Island POI In Warzone 2

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Jack Marsh


2nd Feb 2023 10:04

Resurgence is back in Season 2, and with it comes Ashika Island - the new Warzone 2 map that is suited for 50-player lobbies with fewer POIs. Many Warzone 2 players might find some familiar places on Ashika Island, but most of the POIs are brand-new and will take some getting used to if you want to become a master samurai of the Japanese map. So, what are all of the Ashika Island POIs in Warzone 2?

Every Ashika Island POI In Warzone 2

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The island is only a slither of the size of Al Mazrah and is better compared to Fortune's Keep, which was also developed by the same team (High Moon Studios).

With Tsuki Castle - the map we know all too well having been in World at War and Vanguard - working as a cornucopia of the map, both figuratively and literally, there are six more POIs that oscillate around the outskirts of Ashika Island.

The full list of Ashika Island POIs in Warzone 2 are:

  • Oganikku Farms
  • Town Center
  • Residential
  • Tsuki Castle
  • Shipwreck
  • Beach Club
  • Port Ashika

Each POI also has more areas within them, split up into what will serve as popular call-outs for your team to get familiar with.

Beach Club

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Sick of shooting already? There is one place to blow off some steam in Ashika Island, as Beach Club comes as the brightest POI on the map.

It won't all be hula hoops and coconut drinks though, as power over Beach Club will be important given its nearby locations.

Tsuki Castle

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This is a landscape that we've become quite accustomed to, and after it didn't really suit the 6v6 multiplayer side of the franchise last year, it's no surprise that the iconic building is being used as a battle royale map. 

With plenty of open space, even within the Castle walls, players will tread carefully here, given that the sniper towers will be an important power position throughout the whole game.


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It seems like every map we get nowadays has some form of a beached boat on its shores, and the Ashika Island POI is continuing the trend.

With a small cargo ship washed up on the beach, there are also some familiar patterns in the sand that you will be very accustomed to.


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People do have to live on this island you know? Just like every other battle royale map we've had, there are plenty of houses to rummage through and find loot caches, weapons, and money.

The Residential area has apartment buildings, houses, a power plant, and a water treatment facility, which have all been vacated for your looting purposes.

Port Ashika

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Much of the Japanese trade comes through ports, and the action around this part of the island will be just as hot as it was before the Shadow Company exiled its population. 

With many dockside warehouses to find goodies within, there are also only a few ways out of this Ashika Island POI, making it a good one to hold down from around the edges.

Town Center

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Filled with markets and shops, Town Center will be one of the hottest drops out of all the Ashika Island POIs.

If you're a daredevil with a thirst for action, consider landing here where you can quickly loot up and get into the mix before heading over to Tsuki Castle for the end-game rotations.

ƌganikku Farms 

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Maybe one of the least-dense landing spots in Ashika Island, this Warzone 2 POI will be an Assualt Rifle haven, given that the looting opportunities are scarce outside of the long hangers.

Controlling this area will be tough, with many points of access, but it can reap the rewards towards the end of games if you've locked down the lanes of rotation.

That's all of the Ashika Island POIs in Warzone 2, so make sure to get familiar with them all to fend off any competition in the new resurgence map.

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