Where to find all the keys in Dead Island 2

Where to find all the keys in Dead Island 2
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9th May 2023 14:30

Finding all the Dead Island 2 key locations in the game's ten different regions will ensure you have all the most powerful weapons and upgrades, allowing you to reduce any zombie you see to a fine paste.

If you want to become the most deadly Slayer in Dead Island 2, you'll want to spend some time locating locked containers and the relevant keys for opening them. These can be found on named zombies across the game, and opening the containers will net you valuable loot for your journey.

So, if you're looking to track down every key in the game, check out all Dead Island 2 key locations.

All the keys you can find in Dead Island 2

a combined image of two locked containers in Dead Island 2 that require keys
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To find key locations in Dead Island 2, you will need to kill named zombies that are typically found near the containers they open. They are included in all ten of the game's locations and can be found when first encountering the area, upon revisits, during quests, and more.

Below, we will list the key name, and a brief explainer of where to find it, broken up by the game's locations. We'll also link to the more detailed guides we have done that cover the Dead Island 2 key locations. 

Here are all Dead Island 2 key locations so far.

Bel-Air keys

Halperin Hotel keys

Beverly Hills keys

Monarch Studios keys

Venice Beach keys

Ocean Avenue keys

Hollywood Boulevard keys

That's all for our breakdown of all Dead Island 2 key locations, and now you know how to find many of the game's keys. 

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