How to find Curtis' Safe key in Dead Island 2

How to find Curtis' Safe key in Dead Island 2
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You'll want to know how to find Curtis' Safe key in Dead Island 2, as it allows you to grab a powerful pistol fairly early into the game that will make popping zombie heads much easier. 

In all of Dead Island 2's glamorous Los Angeles locations, you can find named locked containers that require specific keys held by zombies. These are imperative for players looking to grab the best weapons and upgrades throughout the game, and we recommend you spend some time searching for any relevant keys. 

However, if you're struggling to locate Dead Island 2 Curtis' Safe key in Bel-Air, we've got you covered with an explanation of how to find it. 

Where can you find Curtis' Safe key?

an image of the Dead Island 2 map showing Curtis' Safe key location and Curtis' Valuables Safe in Bel-Air
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To find the location of Curtis' Valuables Safe key in Dead Island 2, you will need first need to encounter the Screamer special infected and head back to Bel-Air.

Before you can grab Dead Island 2 Curtis' Safe key, you will first need to meet some criteria during your playthrough.

To start with, you will need to complete a side quest called Death of the Outsider when you are first in the Bel-Air region, which involves you clearing a house for a retired actor called Curtis.

Progressing through this quest gives you access to his house, where you can find Dead Island 2 Curtis' Valuables Safe in a closet on the east side of the house.

After gaining access to the house, progress through the game normally by following the main quest if you want to locate Curtis's Safe key.

How to find Curtis' Safe key

an image of the Crystal the Lawyer zombie in Dead Island 2, who holds Curtis' Safe key
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  • After gaining access to the house, progress through the game normally by following the main quest. You will eventually complete a quest in Beverly Hills called Justifiable Zombicide, where you encounter a Screamer special infected.
  • After finishing the aforementioned quest, head back to Bel-Air. When you arrive back in Bel-Air at night, you will need to head back toward Curtis' house. However, be cautious, as the grounds of his house will now contain Screamers.
  • When you arrive at Curtis' house again, you should run into a Screamer called Crystal the Lawyer, who can be found in his guest house.
  • You need to defeat Crystal the Lawyer, which causes her to drop the Dead Island 2 Curtis' Valuables Safe key.

  • If you want to know all Dead Island 2 key locations so far, check out our breakdown of the keys by in-game location so you know where to find them all.

With Curtis' Safe key in your inventory in Dead Island 2, head back into the house and open up the safe to get yourself a new weapon, which in our playthrough was a Rare Tactical Heavy Revolver.

That's all for our walkthrough of how to find the Dead Island 2 Curtis' Safe key location, and now you know the full process for locating the key and opening the safe.

Once you've found Curtis' Safe key, why not get more keys in Bel-Air? Check out how to get the Mailman's keys with our Dead Island 2 My Mailman Was A Zombie quest walkthrough.

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