Chucky enters The Fog as Dead By Daylight’s next Killer - and he’s coming this month

Chucky enters The Fog as Dead By Daylight’s next Killer - and he’s coming this month
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9th Nov 2023 11:15


Fresh off the return of its Stranger Things content, Dead by Daylight is firing on all cylinders with the reveal that Chucky is going to be the next Killer to enter The Fog – and he’s arriving this month.

Whether it’s The Xenomorph from Alien or The Demogorgon from Stranger Things, DbD is no stranger to an iconic horror license, and Chucky may be one of the most unconventional characters joining the game since Nicolas Cage. So, let’s break down everything we know so far about this devious doll.

When is Chucky coming to Dead by Daylight?




Chucky will be making his way into Dead by Daylight on November 28, 2023. Currently, he is available to play early for PC players in the Player Test Build (PTB) so you can play with Chucky (also known in-game as The Good Guy) a little bit earlier before the main-game release.

For this Chapter, Chucky will be a stand-alone Killer, without a corresponding map or Survivor, similar to Survivor Nicolas Cage's introduction earlier in the year.

Dead by Daylight Chucky trailer

From what we can glean from the trailer, Chucky is a lot shorter than the majority of the other Killers in DbD (except little Victor of The Twins), so he may be harder for Survivors to keep track of and defend against.

While initially starting with a quirky commercial advertising Chucky’s release, things quickly turn sinister as he scuttles through the Mount Ormond Resort map, even crawling under a dropped pallet (an indication of part of his power).

Finally, as the camera heads upstairs, we see Chucky slashing a poor Dwight and embarking on an expletive-filled tirade as he finishes the job and leaves his victim lifeless on the floor.

Alternative 'Good Gal' Chucky outfit

Tiffany Valentine, the Bride of Chucky, appearing as an alternate outfit for The Good Guy in Dead by Daylight
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It's also been revealed that a 'Good Gal' outfit will be available for Chucky, inspired by Tiffany Valentine, aka The Bride of Chucky.

This alternative outfit will be voiced by Jennifer Tilly, while the standard Chucky will be voiced by Brad Dourif - the character's original voice actor.

Chucky's Killer playstyle

Chucky chases a poor unfortunate Dwight in third-person in Dead by Daylight
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Unlike the other Killers in Dead by Daylight, Chucky's gameplay is all in the third-person, meaning he has a lot more visibility of the map than most. However, to compensate, he is substantially smaller than the other Killers and moves at a slower speed (similar to that of The Huntress or The Deathslinger).

His Power, Playtime's Over, allows him to crawl under pallets, go Undetectable (meaning he's even harder to spot than normal) and even slice and dice Survivors with a terrifying lunge attack.

What are Chucky's Perks in Dead by Daylight?

Chucky vaults a window while brandishing a knife in Dead by Daylight
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As with any new Killer in DbD, Chucky comes with three unique Perks that can be taught to other Killers:

Perk Description
Batteries Included When within 12 meters of a completed Generator, you have 5% Haste. This lingers for 5 seconds after leaving the Generator's range.
Friends 'Til The End

When you hook a Survivor that is not the Obsession, the Obsession becomes Exposed for 20 seconds and reveals their aura for 10 seconds.

When you hook the Obsession, another random Survivor screams and reveals their position, becoming the new Obsession.

Hex: Two Can Play

Anytime you are stunned or blinded by any Survivor 2 times, if there is no Hex Totem associated with this Perk, a Dull Totem, becomes a Hex Totem.

As long as the Hex Totem remains in play, Survivors who stun or blind you are blinded themselves for 1.5 seconds.

Please note however that these Perk descriptions are taken from the PTB and are subject to change upon the live chapter release.

While that’s everything we know about Chucky’s presence in Dead by Daylight so far, we’re going to keep bringing you more updates right here on this page. Who knows, Chucky may even end up having some of the best Killer Perks in DbD.

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