Brawl Stars character tier list & best Brawlers in February 2024

Brawl Stars character tier list & best Brawlers in February 2024
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Harry Boulton

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6th Feb 2024 10:11

If you want to know which Brawlers are best in Brawl Stars, our tier list for February 2024 will help you figure out which characters to play to ensure you win as many games as possible.

As a mobile fighting game with a battle royale formula, Brawl Stars throws tonnes of players onto a map and tasks them with, well, brawling until one is left standing. While anyone can win in the game, there is a meta that has emerged due to differences between characters - meaning you'll have a better shot at becoming a champion with a stronger Brawler.

Note: Added Larry & Lawrie to our tier list rankings.

Brawl Stars tier list for February 2024




Ash, Buster, Charlie, Cordelius, Crow, Doug, Eve, Fang, Kit, Hank, Jacky, Larry & Lawrie, Maisie, Meg, Pearl, R-T, Sam, Squeak


Bo, Bonnie, Buzz, Chuck, Colette, Gene, Gray, Grom, Gus, Mandy, Mr. P, Max, Nita, Otis, Poco, Ruffs, Sandy, Shelly, Spike, Sprout, Stu, Tara, Willow


8-Bit, Amber, Bea, Belle, Brock, Carl, Chester, Colt, Darryl, EMZ, El Primo, Gale, Griff, Janet, Jessie, Leon, Lola, Lou, Nani, Pam, Penny, Piper, Poco, Surge, Tick


Bibi, Barley, Bull, Dynamike, Edgar, Rico, Rosa


Byron, Frank, Mortis

As shown above, Brawlers like Belle, Crow, and Fang are some of your best overall choices, but there are plenty of other viable options. It's a good idea to experiment with as many characters as possible to get a feel for which ones work best for your individual playstyle.

We've yet to add Mico, the new free Brawler, to the list above due to the character's recent arrival into the game, but we'll update the table with a placement for them in the future.

Key art of Mandy in Brawl Stars, with a screenshot of in-game action next to her and text that says 'Epic Battle Royale'
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I found that fights in Brawl Stars would often go down to the fine margins, so gaining any possible advantage by picking a top-tier character was a massive boon for squeezing out a win against tough foes. 

What's more, the rankings of characters listed in a tier may shift over time with balance changes, placing your favourites further down in the meta than where they previously at - or vice versa! 

So if you've got a character in the S-tier and A-tier, when jumping into your next game, consider taking those, as they'll ensure you have the best chances of winning possible.

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