Best Warframe Zephyr Builds And Abilities

Best Warframe Zephyr Builds And Abilities
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You may want to know the best Warframe Zephyr builds and abilities, as it is one of the game's more popular frames due to its deadly powers. The core loop of Warframe consists of earning resources and blueprints for different frames, allowing you to build powerful suits with different abilities and functions for the various missions you can take part in. So if you need a full breakdown of the best Warframe Zephyr builds and abilities, we've got you covered.

Warframe Zephyr Abilities

Warframe Zephyr Abilities
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The Zephyr Warframe has a sharp and angular look, with an off-white and black colour scheme accented by red and blue lines. There are also a tonne of cosmetics you can use to change the colours and features of the suit, with some standout ones like the Tengu Helmet, Monsoon Helmet, Blade of the Lotus Skin, and Skeiron Skin.

Zephyr's passive ability allows her to spend more time in the air with reduce resistance to gravity, letting you jump higher and float further. While airborne, you also have a 150% critical chance which also stacks with additional bonuses. 

The Zephyr abilities are:

  • Tail Wind - Hold while airborne to make Zephyr hover with reduced movement. You can then tap to dash or aim down for a divebomb move.
  • Airburst - Launch a burst of dense air. Hold to send enemies flying, tap to pull them toward you. Damage increases per enemy hit.#
  • Turbulence - Creates a wind shield around Zephyr, redirecting all incoming projectiles.
  • Tornado - Create a deadly tornado that seeks out enemies. Deals the elemental damage that it absorbs the most of, and enemies engulfed by it take more external damage. Tap for wandering tornadoes and hold for stationary ones. 

How To Build The Zephyr Warframe

Warframe Zephyr: How To Build
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To build the Zephyr Warframe, you will need to get four different blueprints which allows you to craft the Neuroptics, Chassis, and Systems, and then combine them together for the full suit. To get the blueprints, you will need to research them in the Tenno Lab of a Dojo, which can be done if you join a clan.


After getting all of the blueprints, you can manufacture them at the Foundry on your ship. The Chassis blueprint can be crafted with 15,000 Credits, 200 Oxium, 900 Nano Spores, and 50 Rubedo. The Neuroptics blueprint requires 15,000 Credits, 150 Circuits, 200 Oxium, 200 Polymer Bundles, and 500 Salvage, while the Systems blueprint requires 15,000 Credits, one Warframe Control Module, 200 Oxium, 500 Polymer Bundles, and 400 Plastids. Finally, the main blueprint can be crafted with 25,000 Credits, one Orokin Cell, and Chassis, Neuroptics, and Systems part. 

  • If you're looking to customise your suit and make it stand out from the playerbase, check out how to equip Warframe Ephemera. 

How To Build The Zephyr Prime Warframe

Warframe Zephyr Prime
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After building the Zephyr frame, you'll be able to create the Prime version, which features more armour, energy capacity, higher sprint speed, and additional polarities. Each of the blueprints for the Zephyr Prime can only be earned in Void Relics, which are similar to loot crates.


The Chassis blueprint can be earned from the Axi L3, Axi O3, Meso A2, Meso R4, Meso W1, Neo A2, and Neo K1 Void Relics. The Neuroptics blueprint can be dropped in the Axi A4, Axi O4, Axi R3, Lith C8, Lith H2, Lith K2, Neo N10, and Neo Z3. The Systems blueprint will drop from the Lith Z1, Lith Z2, Meso Z2, Meso Z3, and Neo Z8 Void Relics, while the main blueprint can be gained from the Axi G5, Meso Z1, Neo Z1, Neo Z2, and Neo Z4 Void Relics. 

The Prime Chassis requires 15,000 Credits, two Nitain Extract, two Tellurium, 3600 Ferrite, and 300 Oxium to build. The Prime Neuroptics blueprint will need 15,000 Credits, three Neural Sensors, 250 Oxium, 350 Plastids, and 4250 Alloy Plate. Prime Systems requires you grab 15,000 Credits, two Argon Crystals, three Warframe Neurodes, 550 Cryotic, and 3175 Nano Spores. Lastly, to put it all together, build the three main component blueprints, get 25,000 Credits, and five Orokin Cells.

Warframe Zephyr Builds

Warframe Zephyr Builds
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After building your normal or Prime version of the Zephyr, you will want to create the right build of mods and weapons to harness the most power and be even more effective in missions. Here are our choices for modifications to make use of:

  • Power Donation - +30% ability strength of squadmates, while you get -30% ability strength.
  • Primed Sure Footed - +100% chance to resist knockdown.
  • Primed Flow - +275% energy max.
  • Overextended - +90% ability range and -60% ability strength.
  • Stretch - +45% ability range.
  • Augur Reach - +30% ability range, and 40% of energy spend on abilities is converted to shields.
  • Primed Continuity - +55% ability duration.
  • Constitution - +40% faster knockdown recovery and +28% ability duration.
  • Spectrosiphon - Enemies that die within Spectrorage have a 50% chance to drop an energy orb.
  • Quick Thinking - Drains energy to stop lethal damage with 240% efficiency.

That's all for our breakdown of the best Warframe Zephyr builds and abilities, and now you know how to build both the normal and Prime versions of the Zephyr frame, along with the best modifications to combine with them.

We also have a breakdown for how to farm Cryptographic ALU in Warframe so you can take part in Razorback Armada Invasion events. 


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