Best Warframe Gyre Builds And Abilities

Best Warframe Gyre Builds And Abilities
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13th May 2022 10:06

You may want to know the best Warframe Gyre builds and abilities, as it's the latest frame to hit the game after the expansion Angels of the Zariman, which came at the end of April. There are now 49 Warframes in the game, allowing you to deck out your character with a number of powerful suits that come with unique movesets, weapons, and aesthetics. So if you want to make use of the new Gyre frame and learn the best Warframe Gyre builds and abilities, we've got you covered. 

Warframe Gyre Abilities

Warframe Gyre Abilities
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The Gyre Warframe is quite slender, with a mechanical, almost clockwork look that foreshadows much of its power. As it's brand-new still, there is only one cosmetic currently, which is a new helmet called Gyre Automaton Helmet. The passive ability for Gyre allows you to gain a flat 10% increased critical chance for every electricity status effect you have on enemies, letting you deal double the critical damage. 

The Gyre abilities are:

  • Arcsphere - Launch a Gyratory sphere that will deal high damage on impact and deal electrical shocks to nearby enemies. Hitting multiple enemies at once with the initial launch will enhance the damage.
  • Coil Horizon - Throw forward a Gyratory Sphere that will implode after a few seconds or can be manually triggered.
  • Cathode Grace - Gain a brief burst of increased critical hit chance and energy regen, with each kill extending the duration.
  • Rotorswell - Gyre's mechanisms spin at incredible speeds, generating an electrical field that shocks enemies. When Gyre gets a critical hit, a large discharge will chain from the enemy initially hit, to other nearby enemies.
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How To Build The Warframe Gyre

Warframe Gyre: How To Build
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Before you can build the Gyre Warframe itself, you will need to build the Chassis, Neuroptics, and Systems, which can then combine. To get these blueprints, you will need to do bounties for the Holdfasts in the Chrysalith hub. The Chassis blueprints can be earned as a drop from the level 70-75 Zariman Bounty. Neuroptics can be gained from the level 50-55 bounty, the Systems blueprint from the level 90-95 bounty, and lastly the main one can be earned from the level 110-115 Zariman Bounty. 

With all these blueprints acquired, you can manufacture them at the Foundry on your ship or dojo. The Chassis can be built with 15,000 Credits, eight Morphics, 500 Thrax Plasm, 12 Warframe Entrati Lanthorn, and 3300 Alloy Plate. The Neuroptics can be built from 15,000 Credits, six Warframe Neural Sensors, 300 Thrax Plasm, 60 Voidgel Orbs, and 4500 Plastids. Systems can be built with 15,000 Credits, two Argon Crystals, 300 Thrax Plasm, 40 Voidplume Quills, and 6500 Ferrite. Finally, you can combine all these components with 25,000 Credits and three Orokin Cells to build the Warframe itself. 


Warframe Gyre Builds

Warframe Gyre Builds
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With your Gyre Warframe acquired and equipped, you will need to combine it with the right equipment. The correct selection of mods is key to unlocking the full power of any suit, so here are the ones we suggest for the Gyre.

  • Brief Respite - On ability cast: converts 150% of energy spent to shields while overshields are inactive. 
  • Primed Sure Footed - +100% chance to resist knockdown.
  • Transient Fortitude - +55% ability strength, and -27.5% ability duration.
  • Natural Talent - Improves casting speed on Warframe abilities if applicable, with +50% casting speed.
  • Umbral Intensify - +44% ability strength, and +11% Tau resistance.
  • Primed Continuity - +55% ability duration.
  • Rolling Guard - On dodge: become invulnerable for three seconds and remove all status effects. Has seven second cooldown.
  • Augur Reach - +30% ability range, and 40% energy spent on abilities is converted to shields.
  • Stretch - +45% ability range.
  • Primed Flow - +275% energy max.

That's our breakdown of the best Warframe Gyre builds and abilities, so you know how to create the powerful frame, and what modifications to use with it.

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