How To Craft The Epitaph In Warframe

How To Craft The Epitaph In Warframe
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11th May 2022 17:14

You may want to know how to craft the Epitaph in Warframe as it's a powerful weapon with strong status effects, that works especially well with Sevagoth players. Warframe has a wide variety of weapons for you to pair with your builds, and some of them are signature weapons to particular Warframes, making them even stronger in combat. So for our breakdown of how to craft the Epitaph in Warframe, read on. 

What Is The Warframe Epitaph?

What Is The Warframe Epitaph?
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The Epitaph is a pistol type weapon that functions as Sevagoth's signature wrist-mounted sidearm, allowing you to shoot both uncharged and charged shots with different effects. The uncharged shots fire explosive slabs which deal Blast damage that has an eight-metre radius, while also guaranteeing a proc for the Cold status. Charged shots give you a two-metre punch through (letting you collateral enemies), along with an incredibly high critical chance and critical multiplier. 

In the arms of a Warframe Sevagoth user, it deals an additional 20% damage with headshots. A big advantage of the Epitaph is that you don't have to reload when using it, but there is a travel time for your shots, meaning you have to lead them or use it up close for the most effect. 


How To Craft The Warframe Epitaph

How To Craft The Warframe Epitaph
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To get the weapon, you will need to craft it by getting the blueprint as a drop or purchasing it on the market for 225 Platinum. If you want to earn the blueprint and components without spending your money, you'll need to take part in Void Storm missions.

You will need to get the main blueprint, along with a Barrel and Receiver components. These all can be earned as a drop from the Venus, Saturn, and Earth Void Storm missions, with a 10% drop rate for each one. This means you will need to take part in the missions multiple times to farm all the components, but the drop rates are relatively generous. You will also need 20,000 Credits and seven Orokin Cells to fully manufacture the weapon.

That's all for our walkthrough of how to craft the Epitaph in Warframe, and now you know how the weapon functions, along with the steps needed to craft it. 

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