How To Get Umbra Forma In Warframe In 2022

How To Get Umbra Forma In Warframe In 2022
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16th May 2022 10:51

You may be wondering how to get Umbra Forma in Warframe in 2022, as it's an important way to improve the modifications for your weapons by applying a specific polarity. There are many ways to customise your weapons and overall build in Warframe, such as the polarity system which lets you change the possible mod combinations available for a weapon. So for a breakdown of how to get Umbra Forma in Warframe, we've got you covered. 

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What Is Warframe Umbra Forma?

What Is Warframe Umbra Forma?
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Umbra Forma is a special variant of the Forma item, which can be used to apply the Umbra Polarity to any Warframe or weapon. This will reduce the drain of an equipped Umbra mod and allow for more possible combinations of modifications to be used. The Umbra mods typically consist of anti-sentient properties, and can be gained after finishing The Sacrifice questline. 

Before using the Umbra Forma, you will need to reach rank 30 Affinity with your Warframe or weapon, but using the Forma will reset them back to unranked, so it's something to be mindful of before doing it. You can do this from the Arsenal screen in your inventory, and you can only apply Umbra Forma to equipment with relevant Umbra polarity mods. 

How To Get Umbra Form In Warframe

How To Get Umbra Form In Warframe
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There are a couple of methods for acquiring Umbra Forma, but if you're just starting to collect it, you will have missed a few chances already. One of the best ways to initially get it was from certain ranks in the Nightwave events, which was achieved by completing daily and weekly missions. It's worth looking at all the Nightwave rewards going forward to see when it's available to grab. You can also get three Umbra Forma for free when you reach Mastery Rank 30 by passing the test.  

The most optimal way to get Umbra Forma is by crafting it. You can purchase the blueprint for 150 Steel Essence from the Steel Path Honours Shop whenever it becomes available on the store's eight-week rotation. This shop can be accessed from Teshin in any of the Relays.


Once you have the blueprint, you can manufacture as much Umbra Forma as you have the resources for. To build one, it costs 35,000 Credits, one Forma, one Warframe Neurodes, 500 Kuva, and 1100 Nano Spores.

That's all for our walkthrough of how to get Umbra Forma in Warframe, and now you know how to change the polarity of your weapons to increase your modding options.

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