Armored Core 6 length and chapter breakdown

Armored Core 6 length and chapter breakdown
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25th Aug 2023 15:39

Now that Armored Core 6 is here, it's worth checking out exactly how long a main story or completionist run will take you - and we've got all the details along with a breakdown of all the chapters you'll have to play through.

Armored Core 6 is the first entry in the AC series in a decade, with FromSoftware bringing back the mecha action game with a few new changes and improvements for a wider audience of players.

For those used to the massive length of From's previous game, Elden Ring, you may want to know if you'll need to spend the better part of 100 hours just to finish AC6.

So read on for a rundown of the Armored Core 6 story length, covering how many hours the main story's chapters and a completionist run will set you back.

How long it takes to beat Armored Core 6

According to, Armored Core 6's main story takes about 20 hours to beat, with a completionist route likely tripling that due to players having to complete the game at least three times to get all of the endings and get S ranks in all levels for the trophies and achievements.

A preview from Fextralife prior to launch claimed the game is set to be 50–60 hours long. It's likely that this was referring to a completionist run now that the game is out and Armored Core 6's length is becoming more commonly known.

For reference, the longest previous mainline title in the series was Armored Core 5, which lists as being 12.5 hours for players just doing the main story and 41 hours for completionist players.

This makes Armored Core 6 the longest game in the series by a margin based on the replayability and total time it takes to complete the story and perform a completionist run.

It also features a PvP multiplayer mode and co-op play, so there are plenty of ways to play for those looking beyond the single-player.

How many chapters are there?

There are five chapters in Armored Core 6, with each one containing a number of missions to complete, all of which we've listed below:

  • Chapter 1
    • Illegal Entry
    • Destroy Artillery Installations
    • Grid 135 Cleanup
    • Destroy the Transport Helicopters
    • Destroy the Tester AC
    • Attack the Dam Complex
    • Destroy the Weaponized Mining Ship
    • Operation Wallclimber
    • Retrieve Combat Logs
    • Investigate BAWS Arsenal No. 2
    • Attack the Watchpoint
  • Chapter 2
    • Infiltrate Grid 086
    • Eliminate the Doser Faction
    • Ocean Crossing
  • Chapter 3
    • Steal the Survey Data
    • Attack the Refueling Base
    • Eliminate V.VII
    • Tunnel Sabotage
    • Survey the Uninhabiated Floating City
    • Heavy Missing Launch Support
    • Eliminate the Enforcement Squads or Destroy the Special Forces Craft
    • Attack the Old Spaceport
    • Eliminate "Honest" Brute
    • Defend the Old Spaceport
    • Historic Data Recovery
    • Destroy the Ice Worm
  • Chapter 4
    • Underground Exploration - Depth 1
    • Underground Exploration - Depth 2
    • Underground Exploration - Depth 3
    • Intercept the Redguns or Ambush the Vespers
    • Unknown Territory Survey
    • Reach the Coral Convergence
  • Chapter 5
    • Escape
    • Take the Uninhabited Floating City
    • Intercept the Corporate Forces or Eliminate "Cinder" Carla
    • Breach the Karman Line or Destroy the Drive Block
    • Shut down the Closure Satellites or Bring Down the Xylem

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In addition to the five chapters and litany of missions, there is a New Game+ and New Game++ that add alternate missions during some chapters, along with a secret ending.

That's all for our explanation of the Armored Core 6 length and all the different chapters, and now you have a better idea of how long the main story and a completionist run will take.

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