Accessing the S rank missions in Armored Core 6

Accessing the S rank missions in Armored Core 6
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Finding out how to get S rank missions in Armored Core 6 is essential if you're gunning for all of the achievements, and we've got all the requirements you'll need to meet and the best tips to get them too.

While not a mandatory part of Armored Core 6, S rank missions give players the opportunity to truly flex their skills in the most challenging scenarios, leaving only the best players able to complete the set. It is no surprise that the bosses in Armored Core 6 are extremely challenging too, so you'd be silly not to use all of the best builds if you're looking to stand a chance.

So, make sure to carry on reading below to find out more about S rank missions in Armored Core 6, as we've got all of the requirements for the medal, and the best tips you'll need to achieve them in the game.

How to access S rank missions?

S ranks cannot be achieved on missions in Armored Core 6 until they have already been completed, and thus become replayable through the 'Replay Mission' feature. This is the only way to receive a rank at the point of completion, so don't worry too much about perfecting everything on your first run-through.

Image of the Replay Mission screen in Armored Core 6
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To access the 'Replay Mission' menu, all you need to do is:

  • Open the 'Sortie' option on the game's main menu
  • Select 'Replay Mission'
  • Then opt for your mission of choice to replay it with the medal system activated.

What are the S rank requirements?

Here is a full list of the requirements that you'll need to meet to get an S rank on a mission in Armored Core 6:

  • Don't die
  • Complete the mission as fast as possible
  • Use as little ammunition as possible
  • Take as little damage as possible
  • Complete certain side activities (always specified beforehand)

The most crucial factor in achieving an S rank in Armored Core 6 is to not die or reload from a checkpoint, just a single death will completely invalidate a run. Parameters like time, ammo used, and damage taken are less precise as we do not know the upper limit for each of these, so it is just best to try and reduce them as much as you possibly can in a successful run.

Finally, not every mission in the game requires you to complete a side activity in order to get an S rank, but it will always state when that is the case - so make sure that you know where you're looking. Our guides for the Hidden Chests and Loghunt locations are ideal for this, so make sure to check them out.

Best tips for getting an S rank in Armored Core 6

As you can imagine, achieving the all-important S rank medal in all of the missions is a tough ask, but we've got all of the best tips that you can follow to make it easier:

Use light mech builds

While you could argue that the strongest mechs in all of Armored Core 6 are the gatling gun/needle/tank legs builds that can take down bosses in a matter of seconds, we propose that a light mech configuration could be ideal for S rank missions instead.

While the major downside of a light build is the lower AP it provides, your goal here is to take as little damage as possible so that shouldn't matter too much in the grand scheme of things.

It will also help you move quicker through each level to cut down your time, and you will be able to dodge each attack with increased speed, which could save your life.

Max out the OS upgrades

Another essential thing that you'll want to do is complete every single Arena battle in order to get the most possible OST chips. Putting these chips into the right OS upgrades to suit your build will make things a whole lot easier, and you will also want to prioritise the repair kit and damage mitigation upgrades.

There are a little more than 90 OST chips available in your first run though, but there are a few extra Arena battles that become available in New Game Plus, so it might also be worth going for that too if you feel like you need the extra help.

Don't kill everything

When you're working your way through each level it is essential to learn which enemies you're required to take down and which ones are optional. Not only will this save you time, but it will avoid wasting any ammo and potentially taking damage too.

You will quickly find that most of the enemies in the game are optional to take down, and with the right movement and build you can speed past them with ease. You might still want to commit to taking out some though, as they can prove difficult to move past otherwise.

Record your gameplay

While this might seem a little extreme, we highly recommend recording your gameplay and watching it back if you're struggling with a certain area or boss. It is often difficult to understand where you're going wrong or how to dodge a certain attack when playing, and watching your own footage back is the best way to recognise your mistakes and learn from them.

That wraps up everything you need to know about completing S rank missions in Armored Core 6, so hopefully you should be well on your way to the full set now with ease.

If you need any more help though, make sure to check out our Armored Core 6 homepage as we've got loads of guides with plenty of tips inside.

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