Armored Core 6 money farm: How to get COAM fast in AC6

Armored Core 6 money farm: How to get COAM fast in AC6
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25th Aug 2023 00:00

Figuring out the best money farm in Armored Core 6 is essential if you're looking to pick up all of the best parts, as it will allow you to get COAM fast and avoid selling any items.

Armored Core 6 gives you an abundance of parts and items that you can invest in, but they all come at a cost and the best of the bunch will set you back a fair amount. In the early stages of the game, you'll find that you don't have a huge amount of money, but with our help you can start racking up the cash and build your arsenal.

So, make sure to continue reading if you want to find out how to get COAM fast in Armored Core 6, as we've got the ideal money farm for you below.

What is the best way to farm money & COAM in Armored Core 6?

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The best way to farm money and COAM in Armored Core 6 is by completing and replaying the Sortie missions and Arena battles.

Arena & Sortie missions

Image of the Arena battles in Armored Core 6
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While you won't get the additional benefits like OS chips and any new parts that you would on a first run-through, you do still get the full monetary bonus which is very helpful if you're just looking to boost your funds.

In general, it is better to replay the Arena battles over the standard missions, as although the missions will give you a higher total, the Arena fights can be completed much quicker. This results in a higher farming yield.

The higher-end Arena battles can earn you 100,000 COAM per fight, and considering each encounter only takes around a minute this can be an incredibly easy way to earn money fast in Armored Core 6.

Selling parts

Image of the sell screen in Armored Core 6
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Another great way to get money fast in Armored Core 6 is to sell parts that you are not currently using. This is so good because each part sells for the exact amount that you paid, and upon selling it instantly becomes purchasable again in the Parts Store, meaning that it is only a temporary loss that has no long-term effect.

While there are significant benefits to having an abundance of parts to choose from at any one time, if you're really struggling for money then stripping your arsenal down to just the parts that are on your mech can help you stretch to those all-important extras that might help you overcome the toughest bosses.

Then, once the fight is done or you've got a little more money, just buy it all back again at the exact same price you sold it at - it's that easy!

So, that's all of the best money-farming methods in Armored Core 6 right now, showing you how to get COAM fast and pick up all of the parts for the best builds in the game.

If you need any more help in your journey through Rubicon, make sure to check out our Armored Core 6 homepage for all of the latest guides.

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