Armored Core 6 Cataphract boss fight: How to beat & best build

Armored Core 6 Cataphract boss fight: How to beat & best build
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Dave McAdam


27th Aug 2023 15:15

The Armored Core 6 Cataphract boss fight can be tough if you don't know how to tackle it. Armored Core 6 has a wide variety of bosses, while some are incredibly tough, others can be blindingly fast.

The Cataphract is like a tank with a robot underneath it, which makes more sense once you see it. Here is our guide for the best build and how to beat the Armored Core 6 Cataphract boss.

How to beat Cataphract in Armored Core 6: Strategy & tips

Fighting the Cataphract in Armored Core 6
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The Cataphract is a giant tank, bearing quite a resemblance to the Shagohod from Metal Gear Solid 3. It is a PCA mech like Balteus, so it certainly isn't a pushover. Also like Balteus, it consists of a normal humanoid AC attached to a much larger structure which it operates.

The Cataphract boss fight takes place in a wide open space, which is an issue because range is the Cataphract's friend. The majority of its attacks are long-range and punishing from a distance, so you will want to close that gap as quickly as you can.

Especially because the Cataphract has a weak spot. The AC that controls the mech is at the front, between the giant treads. It is well protected on the sides and difficult to hit from a distance, so we recommend getting up close and personal.

Focus your damage on the AC to build up stagger, while also keeping the Cataphract too close to effectively use its attacks.

Best build for Cataphract fight in Armored Core 6

Mech build screen in Armored Core 6
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Here are the parts that you'll want to equip if you're looking for the best mech for Cataphract in Armored Core 6:


Part Type Part
R-ARM SG-026 HALDEMAN (Shotgun)
L-ARM HI-32: BU-TT/A (Pulse Blade)
R-BACK Vvc-70VPM (Plasma Missle Launcher)
L-BACK BML-G1/P20MLT-04 (Missile Launcher)


Part Type Part


Part Type Part

For the Cataphract, we recommend high mobility and close-range weapons. Core to this is the KASUAR/42Z reverse joint legs which are great for moving quickly and jumping higher. You need mobility to stay on the Cataphract, which is also why we need this weapon loadout.

The shotgun/sword combo is great for getting up in the face of your enemy. For the shoulder weapons, we have a missile pod for further damage and to lock on when the boss is moving, and also the plasma missiles that hit at a longer range for when the Cataphract is further away and you want to keep up the pressure.

That is it for our Armored Core 6 Cataphract boss fight guide. For more on the game, head to our Armored Core 6 homepage, or check out our Armored Core 6 Ibis boss fight guide.

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