Respawn Entertainment is cashing on the love for Apex Legends by releasing a Pathfinder book to expand its lore in 2021.

13:00, 09 Dec 2020

An Apex Legends Pathfinder book is finally giving that rocking robot some much-needed and his own backstory with an official tie-in book. When Respawn Entertainment's first-person shooter launched last year, Pathfinder was one of the original eight that made up the game's OG roster. As the squad has grown and we've met the likes of Crytpo, Loba, and Horizon, there have been accusations that Pathfinder has been left on the scrapheap to rust. Fear not, he's about to be giving his own time to shine.

While Overwatch has become known for expanding the lore of its characters through novels, Pathfinder has the honour of being the very first Legend to start this tradition. There's no denying the first-person shooter market is pretty saturated right now as Apex goes up against the likes of Fortnite and VALORANT. Still, Apex Legends' big selling point is combining all the fun of a hero shooter with a compelling storyline that evolves each season. Just like Season 7's "Ascension" opened our eyes to the new world of Olympus, the Pathfinder book looks like it will have plenty of its own twists and turns.


Apex Legends Pathfinder book: What's it about?

Apex Legends: Pathfinder's Quest is available to pre-order now and should ship on February 2, 2021. Written by Manny Hagopian, Tom Casiello, and Ashley Reed, Pathfinder's Quest follows this rebellious robot as he goes look for his creator. Despite the name, the book isn't just about the MRVNN's search for his own origin story. With Apex boasting so many colourful characters, we're told to expect cameos from some other familiar faces.

More than just being a loose cash-in on the beloved title, Casiello has promised Pathfinder's Quest will "catapult" the story forward into future seasons with some "shocking news". While he's remaining tight-lipped on what this big reveal is, here's hoping it lives up to the hype. Hagopian added that he's been wanting to write this book since way back when Titanfall first came out, teasing that it will add "everything from dates to new stories to answers". 



Apex Legends Pathfinder book: Will there be more?

Pathfinder's Quest will be published by Dark Horse Comics as a "full-color, oversized hardcover art book", so expect there to be some typically stunning artwork in the style of Apex's unique look. Dark Horse is no stranger to working on Apex and previously collaborated on some of Season 7's quests. Pathfinder is a logical choice to start things off considering he's a continuously popular addition to the game. In Season 7, he may have had a nerf in terms of his hitbox size, but he also received a substantial buff to his grappling hook.

It's interesting to note that Pathfinder's Quest comes out just days before the game's two-year anniversary, suggesting it could be tied into something much bigger. Importantly, this first instalment is expected to kick-start a line of Apex Legends Lore books that will presumably shift focus to other big names. Most of us will undoubtedly be holding out for one on Wraith. Either way, we'll definitely be reading Pathfinder's Quest next year.



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