Apex Legends Fall Damage: Is There Fall Damage In Apex?

Apex Legends Fall Damage: Is There Fall Damage In Apex?
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26th Jul 2022 17:53

New players may wonder about Apex Legends fall damage and if there is any in-game. Fall damage is quite a common staple in video games, and over the years many different games have tried their hands at different systems of fall damage, whether for the purpose of immersion or balance. Some games don't really need it though, and Apex Legends is a game with lots of opportunities for vertical gameplay that often requires you to make death-defying jumps. So read on for an explanation of Apex Legends fall damage. 

Is There Apex Legends Fall Damage?

Apex Legends Fall Damage
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Apex Legends features no fall damage at all, which comes at a stark contrast to the majority of battle royale titles, but it makes a lot of sense considering the game design. As a hero shooter, each of the game's characters have a unique kit of abilities, with many of them designed around vertical movement like Valkyrie's Skyward Dive or Octane's Launch Pad. The maps themselves are also given lots of vertical variations, with lots of sheer drops, and even mid-air points of interest that you can venture too.


Your health never factors into falling, so even with full HP or one hit point, you will take zero damage when falling from any height. There is a small delay that happens when landing from a massive height, prohibiting you from sprinting straight away, so it does still have consequences if you take a long drop at the wrong time. Horizon is the only legend in the game that doesn't receive the delay, as her passive retains all momentum from drops. 

You rarely have to worry about jumping off something in Apex Legends, just make sure it's not the edge of the map, as that can still kill you.

That's all for our Apex Legends fall damage primer, and now you know how the falling system works and that fall damage doesn't exist in-game. 

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