Apex Legends Broken Moon Map POIs Explained

Apex Legends Broken Moon Map POIs Explained
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25th Oct 2022 16:46

The Apex Legends Broken Moon map is the latest map to be added to the battle royale, and is being introduced as part of Season 15 with a new character and much more. Apex Legends has added a fair few maps over the course of its existence, and this latest one looks to shake things up with some extra-terrestrial zones. If you want to check out everything we know about the Apex Legends Broken Moon map so far, we've got you covered. 

Apex Legends Broken Moon Map Explained

Apex Legends Broken Moon Map Explained
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Broken Moon is a map located in a massive terraforming project on the Cleo moon that was struck by a catastrophic meteor, which eventually led to it becoming habitable. Eventually, the Apex Games were introduced to the moon thanks to a contract between the government and the Syndicate. Broken Moon is set to be the same size as the World's Edge map, and features a varied selection of environments, ranging from familiar, to extra-terrestrial. 

Another big feature of this map is the zip rails which can be found. These are useful for a few reasons, providing quick ways to from one POI to another, and for players to escape the ring and carry on fighting. While riding the zip rails, you can use weapons, much like the zip lines, but you will move much faster. 


Apex Legends Broken Moon Map: POIs

Apex Legends Broken Moon Map: POIs
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The Terraformer is a massive structure near the middle of the map, which also functions as a king-of-the-hill drop location with tonnes of loot throughout. 

Stasis Net Array

This is an asymmetrical area with a central section full of powerful loot, though there are plenty of sight lines leading to this part. Around the edges of this POI are lots of small cover sections for flanking and escaping. 

Atmostation And Backup Atmo 

These are massive structures that provide a breathable atmosphere. There are large buildings to the left and right of the centre of the POI, offering landing spots and loot locations for players. 

Perpetual Core

This is a large area that supports massive fights and multiple landing spots. With the zip rails that go around the area and the turbines below, there are also plenty of opportunities for horizontal gameplay. 


This is a much tighter area of circular structures with accessible rooftops, and more sneaky flanking pathways. 

The Divide

This is a cluster of houses with lots of loot that is separated by two large bridges over a chasm and waterfall. 

Alpha Base

This is the first place that man set foot on during the colonisation of Cleo, which is a densely packed area of lunar buildings inside a crater. 

Eternal Gardens

A large open area with lots of greenery and flowers, filled with trenches and long sight lines, along with the only Jump Tower on the moon. 

Breaker Wharf

A largely vertical area with lots of options for movement and mobility, that is built for mid-ranged combat. 

Production Yard

Another large area with three landing pads good for dropping in, and a massive structure nearby with lots of loot. 

The Foundry

This is a big area divided by a central hub, with two longer sections full of loot. There are also four large landing areas.

Dry Gulch

An asymmetrical location divided by two bridges, which is perfect for fast-paced fighting in close-quarters areas. 


This area is the source of all good on Cleo, and is made up of several smaller buildings that connect to a much bigger one in the centre. There are also waterways full of loot that can be used to sneak into the main structure. 


This is one of the larger locations in the map - a large vertical structure surrounded by rocky outcrops and green fields. 

That's all we know about the Apex Legends Broken Moon map so far, and now you know about the various POIs and different aspects that make it unique

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