You Can Now Play The Last Of Us In God Of War

You Can Now Play The Last Of Us In God Of War
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Tom Chapman


17th Jun 2022 12:17

When it comes to video game legends, few come close to topping Sony Santa Monica's God of War from 2018. Yes, the franchise had been going great guns for 13 years by the time Kratos stepped out into Midgard, but that's nothing compared to a series reset and a whole new mythology to explore.

Also up there in the upper echelon of video games is Naughty Dog's The Last of Us. Telling a very different story, the survival horror has a similar amount of love thanks to its gripping characters and devastating story arcs. Despite IGN declaring God of War as the best game of all time, there are sure to be those who would fight The Last of Us' corner. Now, the two worlds have come together like never before.

Can You Play The Last Of Us In God Of War?

Since SSM made the long-awaited decision to port God of War to PC, the internet has been overrun with modding. As well as the typical Thomas the Tank engine mod, someone switched Kratos and Atreus with Homer and Bart for the ultimate crossover with The Simpsons

Posting on YouTube, Specializer has used mods from OmegaFantasy to create "Joel & Ellie's Adventure" in God of War. Although we don't get The Last of Us' harrowing opening where Sarah Miller loses her life, we instead pick up with Joel and Ellie tossed out into this frozen hellscape. Given that Ellie's choice of weapon in The Last of Us is a bow and arrow, there's something ironic about her using one here as she replaces Atreus.

Of course, The Last of Us wouldn't be The Last of Us without a good villain and the Infected. Specializer has you covered here too. Before the video comes to an end, we see "The Stranger" swapped out for the cannibalistic David who is the main antagonist of the game's winter chapter. Finally, the draugr are replaced with Clickers. Being easily the most iconic The Last of Us monster, it's odd to see how well it fits into Kratos and Atreus' quest.


What's Next For God Of War And The Last Us?

God of War Ragnarok
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Sony Santa Monica

Both God of War and The Last of Us are two of Sony's big hitters in terms of first-party games, and now, look like a major reason for the PS5's success. If all goes well, God of War Ragnarok will be out later this year to round off the franchise's Norse mythology era. As for The Last of Us, we've got the long-awaited multiplayer standalone AND the new-gen The Last of Us remake

Naughty Dog has already teased that it has a story for The Last of Us Part 3, but nothing is official at the time of writing. We don't imagine God of War will end with Ragnarok, and with our own mythical pitch of Atreus moving into Chinese mythology, Sony would be stupid to let to of its biggest franchises die out. Sadly, unless Sony releases its own MultiVersus-inspired fighter, don't expect to see Kratos and Joel duking it out while Atreus and Ellie watch from the sidelines.

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