The Last of Us Part 2 modders are changing THAT big death

The Last of Us Part 2 modders are changing THAT big death
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22nd Jan 2024 15:53

Some gaming memories have been etched on our minds forever. Whether it be Link pulling the Master Sword in Ocarina of Time, BioShock's "Would you kindly?" reveal, or an over-the-shoulder glance at that first Resident Evil zombie, gaming is filled with moments that we'll always remember where we were when we first experienced them. 

But, just like theories Square Enix is going to change the iconic moment Sephiroth kills Aerith in Final Fantasy VII, some have changed a major video game death. Naughty Dog's two The Last of Us games are held as two of all time, and while 2020's Part II is arguably better than its predecessor, it's one of the most divisive titles ever.

WARNING SPOILERS: This article contains major spoilers for Naughty Dog's The Last of Us Part II

The Last of Us Part II modders are changing an iconic death

Trying to top the mushroom madness of 2013's The Last of Us wasn't easy, but Naughty Dog took it in its stride and delivered a sequel that was equal parts breathtaking and heartbreaking. Going full Game of Thrones, The Last of Us Part II pulled the rug from beneath us and killed off Joel Miller.

Troy Baker's gruff patriarch was the de facto lead of the series, and as the father figure to Ellie, many assumed Joel would at least be sticking around until the game's gritty finale. Instead, The Last of Us Part II killed Joel in the first act and forced Ellie to go it alone on her tale of vengeance.

With Part II leaking early and Joel's fate being spoiled before Naughty Dog could put a lid on it, the game had its biggest twist ruined and was quickly met with backlash for killing Joel. Still, there's no denying it got everyone talking. Now, modders have changed Joel's brutal demise.

As pointed out by GamesRadar, YouTuber Modder Speclizer posted a video titled "TLOU 2 but you can save Joel." The playable scene is a little misleading because Joel is still bludgeoned to death by a golf club. Instead, Ellie can try to intervene, and then, get her revenge against Abby Anderson almost immediately.

All roads lead to The Last of Us Part 3

Joel's Death The Last of Us
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Image via Naughty Dog

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Having Ellie quickly dispatch Abby significantly cuts down The Last of Us Part 2's runtime, making the whole thing last just a matter of minutes. We wonder what Part II would've been like if it hadn't spanned an epic 25 hours (32 for completionist). Still, the released game let us get to know Ellie and Abby a lot more.

The jury is out on whether The Last of Us Part 3 will continue their stories, with many suggesting the next chapter should continue to follow Abby, or possibly, pivot the story to Lev. Naughty Dog's Neil Druckmann refuses to commit to Part 3, but that hasn't stopped those wild rumours that it's already in the works.

As for Joel Miller, it seems that his death is a canon event that just has to stick. We're not sure Red Dead Redemption would've been the hit it was without John Marston's bullet-riddled last stand. Hopefully, HBO won't be getting any ideas for Joel's looming demise in the live-action series.

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