The Last of Us Part 2’s original ending had a major death

The Last of Us Part 2’s original ending had a major death
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24th Jan 2024 15:55

If the popularity surrounding 2024's The Last of Us Part II remastered has proved anything, it's that we likely haven't heard the last of Naughty Dog's zombie epic. Although there have only been two entries in The Last of Us series, we won't act too surprised when a mythical Part 3 gets announced.

Following the success of 2013's first game, we had an agonising wait of seven years until we got Part II. While the first is held as one of the greatest video games of all time, the sequel split fans between loving and loathing its storyline. In particular, many had a problem with playing as Abby Anderson in the second half.

The Last of Us Part 2's original ending nearly featured a shock death

With The Last of Us Part II Remastered out, fans are enjoying this souped-up version of the 2020 game and its new No Return roguelike. There's also a new commentary from Naughty Dog, with Game Director Neil Druckmann shockingly revealing the original plan for the game's ending.

Speaking on the commentary, Druckmann explained how Part II was originally going to kill off Abby in a dramatic finale. Ellie and Abby have a brutal fight on the beach, and while it looks like Ellie gets the upper hand, they both just about walk away. Originally, Ellie was going to drown Abby.

As well as Abby's death, the character of Lev was going to die back in Seattle, which would've dramatically changed Abby's arc. Talking over the finale fight, Druckmann said, "Originally, I think, both Yara and Lev died, and this was just Abby by herself when you meet up with her."

Co-writer Halley Gross chimed in, "I think leaving Ellie with 3% of the humanity she got from who she was, that good kid, that scrappy kid that Joel helped shape. I think if she killed Abby, you would never see that kid again. And this gives a hope that she's still in there. A little bit."

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The Last of Us Part 3 should be Abby's story

Abby and Ellie The Last of Us Part 2 finale fight
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Image via Naughty Dog

The other interesting part of the Part II commentary is that Ellie was going to return to Jackson and face a hostile NPC related to someone she'd killed earlier in the game. This would have hammered home a neverending cycle of revenge.

Like with anything from Part II, opinions are split on whether sparing Abby was the right choice. Most agree that Naughty Dog was likely saving her for Part 3, and with a chance to redeem her in the next game, she's sure to feature. 

Much like for the first game split its time between Joel and Ellie before the latter took on a more prominent role in Part II, we imagine Part 3 featuring Abby as its MVP and then possibly pivoting to another character in the second half. Of course, Naughty Dog needs to actually confirm The Last of Us Part 3 first.

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