Sony reportedly sitting on The Last of Us Part II PC port - but we might know why

Sony reportedly sitting on The Last of Us Part II PC port - but we might know why
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5th Jun 2024 15:01

Whether you love or loathe it, there's no denying that Naughty Dog's The Last of Us Part II is one of the most talked about video games of all time. While many questioned how the team would try to top 2013's The Last of Us, the 2020 sequel went above and beyond to continue the stories of Ellie and Joel.

Despite being review-bombed on Metacritic and being caught in a storm of controversy about its inclusion of LGBTQ+ characters, The Last of Us Part II earned more than 320 Game of the Year awards, became the fastest-selling PS4 game of all time, and was one of the console's best-selling titles.

Sony reportedly sitting on The Last of Us Part II PC port

The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered Lev
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According to noted leaker billbil-kun, The Last of Us Part II's PC port has been finished since November 2023. There were rumours that Sony was prepping a Part II for an imminent release on PC, but just months after The Last of Us Part II Remastered, we weren't exactly holding out much hope.

The leaker suggests that we've been duped by rumours, although a PC port does exist. Explaining what's going on with the mythical remake on Dealabs, billbil-kun says the game has been in the works since 2021 and "is well finished" - dating back "to at least November 2023."

With such acclaim for The Last of Us Part II, you'd think a PC port would be primed to soar up the charts and earn even more bank. Still, with 2022's The Last of Us Part I (remaking the OG game) being fraught with problems when it came to PC in March 2023, you can see why those at the top might be a little sceptical.

Waiting for The Last of Us Season 2

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The most logical answer is that Sony probably wants to space things out a little. We struggle to keep up with remakes, remasters, and PC ports, and with console players only just dipping into the remastered Part II, it makes sense to let the PC port cook a little longer.

Added to this, HBO's live-action The Last of Us Season 2 is releasing in 2025. As the second run of episodes is set to adapt the first part of the sequel's expansive storyline, tying it to Season 2 could be a lucrative marketing move. 

Timing Part II's PC port to land just before Season 2 is sure to get fans flocking back to refresh themselves about what's on the way. After Jason Schreier debunked the original rumours about The Last of Us Part II's PC port being the next big release, we wouldn't be surprised if we don't see the game until next year.

As with all these rumours, we'll take things with a healthy pinch of salt. Still, the idea of recreating THAT iconic golf club scene while modding Joel as Shrek sounds too good an opportunity to miss. 

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