God Of War Ragnarok 2023 Delay Looks Increasingly Likely

God Of War Ragnarok 2023 Delay Looks Increasingly Likely
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9th Jun 2022 12:38

Our biggest fears could be coming true, as Sony Santa Monica (SSM) is reportedly putting God of War Ragnarok on ice. The long-awaited sequel to 2018's God of War is supposedly coming out this year, but now, there are multiple reports that a God of War Ragnarok 2023 delay is coming to Midgard.

The God of War name has been a staple of the Sony scene since 2005, and while it looked like this had simmered down after God of War III largely rounded off Kratos' daddy issues with Zeus, the 2018 soft reboot brought the Ghost of Sparta back in a big way. Given that some have called God of War the best video game of all time, was anyone ever doubting there would be a sequel in Norse mythology?

Is A God Of War Ragnarok 2023 Delay On The Way?

Originally, Twitter account @PlayStationSize claimed that the PlayStation Store lists God of War Ragnarok with a placeholder date of December 31, 2022. Although this would seemingly confirm a 2022 God of War Ragnarok release date, it's a couple of months away from that September release we keep hearing about. Still, a Q4 release is a Q4 release and would make for a nice Christmas present.

Just hours later, Gamereactor Spain said it has heard from "various European sources" that God of War Ragnarok will release in 2023. In April SSM's Cory Barlog addressed the "elephant in the room" and added, "We haven’t said a lot about this – that’s because everybody is heads down, hard at work." This sparked speculation that an announcement was imminent. Two months later and we're still in the dark.

God of War Ragnraok delays aren't anything new, and remember, the concluding chapter of Kratos' Norse mythology was originally set to release in 2021. Releasing in 2022 is pushing us into Hogwarts Legacy/Cyberpunk 2077 levels of delays and surely see fans turn against SSM. When Ragnarok was first delayed, devs took to Twitter to explain they'd received death threats, so we dread to think what would happen now.


Will God Of War Ragnarok Release In 2022?

God of War Ragnarok Delay
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We're in lost in our own realm of limbo right now, with reports flying in from all sides. The problem is, they're all whispers and hearsay without any actual word from up high. Bloomberg's Jason Schreier posted on ResetEra forum and said: "It's hard to definitely prove a negative but Someone Who Would Know Firsthand just told me they haven't heard anything about a slip to 2023, as did Someone Else Who Might Know Secondhand."

Ultimately, our fates and the fate of Ragnarok lie in the hands of Game Director Eric Williams and Jim Ryan himself. It would be a massive blow to the industry to lose Breath of the Wild 2, Starfield, and Ragnarok to 2023 - especially as the latter was clear to claim the second half of this year for its own. Whatever is going on, the likes of Summer Game Fest are poised to confirm or debunk what exactly is going on in the Nine Realms.

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