xQc goes viral for bizarre LA Lakers appearance

xQc goes viral for bizarre LA Lakers appearance
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Joseph Kime


26th Apr 2023 17:02

If it's not one thing with Felix "xQc" Lengyel, it's another. The immensely popular Overwatch pro-turned-streamer is one of Twitch's most controversial figures and has made a name for himself with his over-the-top reactions and cracked gameplay.

Overall, xQc is practically the streamer personality incarnate, meaning that gets him in a pickle every once in a while. The last couple of weeks saw the creator suffer a dramatic break-in scare, which is sadly a mainstay of the most popular characters on the platform.

All the while, he's going viral for being the internet's favourite little goober, and nothing exemplifies that more than what he's gone viral for most recently.

xQc goes viral for odd basketball game images

xQc has made himself the centre of attention once again, simply by attending an LA Lakers game. Sitting courtside and watching LeBron James means we've seen xQc plastered all over the internet.

An image of xQc sat on a front-row seat at the recent Lakers vs Grizzlies NBA game - wrapping his arms around his knees - has caught everyone's attention.

Although he was most excited about a massive bet he'd placed on the game, that's not all that he's come away from it with.

Fans react to bizarre xQc picture

Fans have taken to Twitter to highlight xQc as being immensely weird, comparing him to L from Death Note and rinsing him in the quote tweets. "Gamer girl position goes crazy," said one user.

"Me waiting for my mom picking me up from high school," says another. One observant fan wrote, "The fact y’all don’t realize he sits like this majority of his streams."

Guessing why xQc is sat like that, one said, "I'd be sitting like that too with $300,000 on the line." Lengyel confirmed he'd placed a $200k bet on the Lakers to win. Pulling it off, it means we walked away with a cool $300k and got to see James. All in all, a pretty good day for him. 

Regardless of how daft xQc might look when sat like this, he's clearly gathering attention regardless. If this is part of his hustle, then colour us impressed.

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