xQc Defends Gambling Streams By Claiming Twitch Fans Are 'Addicted To Garbage'

xQc Defends Gambling Streams By Claiming Twitch Fans Are 'Addicted To Garbage'
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Jack Marsh


1st Jun 2022 15:03

Felix "xQc" Lengyel causes a storm on pretty much everything that he streams. Whether it be starting a career off as a hyped Overwatch professional, becoming a streaming guru as a mass detective in Among Us, playing devil's advocate in the gaming community with a fiendish Grand Theft Auto Role-Play character, or just generally slapping hot takes onto the timeline, whatever xQc does, it always comes with some spills and thrills.

So, it's no surprise that his latest hobby has led to a range of controversies, as well as getting fellow streamers' tongues wagging. 

The bulk of his streams in current weeks have been littered with gambling games and reaction videos, which have proven to rub some fans the wrong way - not that he cares. Now, he's hit back at criticisms of his current meta, and has claimed that the Twitch audience is "addicted to garbage".

xQc Claims Twitch Fans Are 'Addicted To Garbage'

After one fan's comments struck a nerve in xQc, he instantly clapped back at the Twitch community. "You say you hate recaps, but you cannot keep your eyes off of them," he said, addressing the comment. "Every time we’ve watched recaps, you’re in chat and you’re watching," he said, as he continued to berate the fan.

"We’re all addicted to garbage. People say you can get addicted to this, addicted to that. You can get addicted to alcohol or addicted to gambling. Dude, we’re all addicted to dog s**t content," xQc added.

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The popular streamer faced criticism after watching a reaction video, however, the connotations of addiction are certainly a tip-off towards the gambling meta that xQc now enjoys. In recent weeks, xQc has made a point of defending his streaming habits, especially the gambling ones, as many fans have questioned his integrity for promoting the actions on a sponsored game.


xQc Thankful For 'Dog S**t content'

After branding this type of content as dog s**t, he's now gone a step further and praised his own content and its addictive nature.

"If people weren’t addicted to dog s**t content, nobody would watch this stream, ever. I would literally have zero viewers," xQc added.

It's no surprise that xQc has flipped a middle finger back at his haters, which is always the case when he knows that fans will return to binge his stream. There will always be haters, but it's likely that he'll never care what they have to say. 

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