Xbox distances itself from Redfall bloodbath

Xbox distances itself from Redfall bloodbath
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4th May 2023 10:55

We know the best way to kill a vampire is to chop off its head and drive a stake through its heart, but if you're Xbox, it sounds like you can lead it out into the sunlight and watch it explode in a blaze of infamy. At least, that's how it seems the gaming giant is handling the botched launch of Redfall

As the Blues and the Greens continue to draw their battle lines in the battle of exclusives, there have been casualties on both sides with the PlayStation-exclusive Forspoken and Xbox-exclusive Redfall. Now, the latter might be thrown under the bus by its own overlord.

Xbox distances itself from Redfall

Redfall vampires
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You might remember there was some confusing crossover with 2021's Deathloop being a PlayStation exclusive that then got stuck between Microsoft's acquisition of ZeniMax Media - meaning developer Arkane became an Xbox-exclusive studio.

Redfall was Arkane's first big release under Phil Spencer's umbrella, and with a lauded catalogue of games including the likes of DishonoredPrey, and Deathloop, hopes were high. Sadly, Redfall reviews have been raked across the coals for everything from a lack of online matchmaking to chimneys that don't go anywhere.

Damage control is in full effect, and with Redfall being announced at E3 2021 (meaning development started before Microsoft's ownership), Xbox is seemingly distancing itself from the bloodbath. Windows Central claims that multiple sources have reported Xbox had nothing to do with Redfall's botched evolution. 

The site writes, "The game doesn't fall under Xbox Game Studios' director Matt Booty's responsibilities — because rightly or wrongly, right now, Arkane is not an Xbox Game Studio by internal definition." Jez Corden adds that it's not Phil Spener's job to "minutiae of every single game launching under the brand." 

Corden maintains that questions over why Spencer didn't delay Redfall further and Xbox Game Studios Lead Booty didn't oversee quality are answered because ZeniMax is a separate entity. Apparently, it wasn't within Booty's remit to handle Redfall. Instead, he focuses on internal Xbox franchises like Forza

Arkane promises to work on Redfall

Posting on Twitter, Arkane Studios Animator Christian Orellana promised that the team will keep working on Redfall to raise the game from the grave. What can be done remains to be seen, but much like EA has vowed to patch the buggy Star Wars Jedi: Survivor for "weeks," we expect it's all hands on deck.  

The big question is whether it's too late to save Redfall or whether players can still be encouraged to sink their teeth into the vampiric romp. Whereas Jedi: Survivor is largely ironing out a few glitches, the harshest critics claim Redfall is simply an empty game - sounding like it'll need more than a quick fix.

It's true that we've seen Cyberpunk 2077 come back from the brink of extinction. However, with Xbox sounding like it's holding a crucifix in Redfall's face, if your own master isn't fighting your corner, what hope do you really have? 

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