Even Redfall’s 60FPS patch can’t save it

Even Redfall’s 60FPS patch can’t save it
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Joseph Kime


19th Oct 2023 17:00

Xbox has experienced some highs in 2023, with the closure of its deal with Activision Blizzard finally appearing, and players still pouring hours upon hours into Starfield. Still, the gaming giant has felt some lows.

Without a doubt, one of the biggest disappointments has been the colossal flop that was Redfall, the newest experiment from the Arkane team that landed with enough bugs to last you the year.

The Redfall team has been doing all that it can to reverse the horrible launch of the vampiric title, but unfortunately, it looks like it's simply not going to happen.

Redfall finally has 60fps. It hasn't helped much

A brand-new patch has touched down on Redfall, and as one video from Digital Foundry indicates, it actually works pretty well. We were promised a 60FPS Redfall before release, and while it's taken a while to crawl from the crypt, it's finally here. 

A huge host of visual glitches have been tidied up nicely, and though it's still the predominantly broken game that it was when it touched down on Xbox Game Pass, the greatest texture problems that Redfall suffered from have been mostly fixed.

The video does reveal, that even a 60FPS Redfall patch still has some problems with shadow quality and low-resolution textures. Though the fix is welcome, it's clear that some fans don't think it's enough.

Fans are unconvinced by Redfall's new update

Jacob as he appears in Redfall.
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"If you want a co-op shooter that released this year try Dead Island 2," says one user. "The game runs like butter, is gorgeous and is actually quite enjoyable."

"If only Redfall's problems could be fixed by optimizing performance, there is so much more wrong with the game," says another user, with a little more optimism. "Happy to see it getting patched however, because it means it isn't abandoned (yet) and there is some measure of hope."

Even with the new patch, Redfall isn't in a great position. Player numbers have sunk so low, that there have been times you can't even squad up with others. It'll take more than a patch to fix that, but who knows, maybe Redfall could see a Battlefield 2042-esque turnaround.

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