Arkane is already trying to put Redfall behind it with a new game

Arkane is already trying to put Redfall behind it with a new game
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Alex Garton


21st Jul 2023 17:10

It's safe to say that Arkane's Redfall was a major miss for the developer, with players frustrated that the studio decided to create a multiplayer title instead of sticking to the single-player experiences they're known for.

While the reception of Redfall was extremely disappointing, fans know that Arkane is capable of making brilliant games. It's done so in the past with titles like Deathloop and Dishonored. Well, it looks like Arkane has learned its lesson, as a job listing has indicated that a new single-player experience is in the pipeline.

Job listing hints Arkane is working on new single-player title

Redfall singleplayer
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To any Arkane fans hoping for a new single-player experience in the future, there's a light at the end of the tunnel. The studio opened up a set of job listings on the ZeniMax website, with one opportunity for a Lead Technical Engineer requiring a "familiarity with single player action-RPGs and immersive sims."

This certainly sounds like a return to its roots for Arkane, as well as a chance for the talented devs to put Redfall behind them to focus on something fresh.

At the moment, there are no details on this upcoming title, and it's unlikely we'll hear anything from Arkane in a long time. Still, it pretty much confirms what we already knew, and it's that the team has abandoned Redfall back to the bottom of the crypt other than the odd tweak.

Does this mean Redfall is no longer being supported?

Redfall game
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For now, Redfall is still being supported and is available to play through Xbox Game Pass if you're keen to give it a try.

Arkane pushed out a patch for the game last month that included gameplay improvements, quality-of-life changes, and UI adjustments.

It's also still assumed that a 60 FPS performance mode is being worked on by the devs, but we're still waiting on an update for this long-awaited feature. Here's hoping Arkane's first post-Redfall game has learned from the mistakes of that vampiric clanker.

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