Redfall To Make Same Mistake As Original Xbox One

Redfall To Make Same Mistake As Original Xbox One
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Joseph Kime


2nd Feb 2023 11:12

Many argue that Xbox doesn't have many promising first-party exclusives beyond Starfield - but Redfall begs to differ.

The vampire-slaying co-op adventure seems to harness the chaos of Left 4 Dead and translate it through Arkane's immersive design philosophies. Redfall could potentially create the next best FPS experience in the process.

Though the vampire-hinting title might be designed around co-op, players can also take on hordes of the undead by themselves. Unfortunately, Redfall isn't making that very easy.

Redfall Always Needs To Be Online

Redfall To Make Same Mistake As Original Xbox One
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In a confusing and frustrating turn, it has been confirmed that even if you want to play Redfall on your own, you will have to be connected to the internet.

The news was confirmed in the game's new FAQs published on the Redfall site. The throwaway line says that "a persistent online connection is required for single player and co-op."

It's unclear why Arkane has insisted this is the case, especially considering that many games that demand co-op don't require an internet connection. Marvel's Avengers, Gotham Knights, and even It Takes Two don't ask players to be connected to the internet unless necessary.

Redfall's Leaked Price Has Frustrated Fans

It's not just a required internet connection that's rubbing players up the wrong way when it comes to Redfall... it's also the game's price.

Though the much-hyped title will be coming to Game Pass on day one - which will be how most players actually get their hands on it - others are frustrated to find leaks that the game will come in at €79.99 in Europe.

Worse than this, you'll have to stump up an extra €29.99 on top if you want the Deluxe Edition upgrade. Redfall might be wading through controversy now, but as is often the case, the problems will likely wash away when we start paying it for no extra cost on Game Pass.

As we saw with High on Life becoming an unlikely record-breaker on Game Pass, it's a pretty good deal that can catapult anything to the top of the charts.

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