Xbox Players Left Divided Over Leaked Redfall Gameplay

Xbox Players Left Divided Over Leaked Redfall Gameplay
Arkane Studios

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Tom Chapman


9th Mar 2022 12:41

It's the end of an era for Arkane Studios, after its original PlayStation exclusivity with Deathloop, the acclaimed studio behind the Dishonored series is being chained to Xbox. Although Microsoft has a big year for exclusives, Arkane's Redfall is joining big hitters like Halo Infinite and Starfield

Looking at Arkane's history of games, Redfall should be another epic adventure, and after Deathloop won a slew of awards in 2021, hopes are high. Redfall is unfurling its wings from the shadows, but as the first hints of gameplay leak online, some people think this vampiric adventure already "sucks". 

What Does The Leaked Redfall Gameplay Show?

Apparently, Redfall beta gameplay has leaked online and appeared in a (now-removed) video from YouTuber GameTropics. While some have already said it looks like it's running on a potato, it gives us our first real glimpse at how the game should look on Xbox Series X/S. Even though the video has been removed, the Twitterverse has clipped it for the rest of us. 

In the footage, we see a loading menu for one of the game's human characters. As well as offering a look at his armour and main weapon, he's equipped with something called a Memento. We get to see him dust a vampire and then loot its remains in a suburban backdrop. What's unclear is whether this is from the game's main campaign or multiplayer. Personally, we're getting some multiplayer map vibes.

The build is apparently from a September beta - which would fit with previous leaks that showed off player builds and some limited shots of gameplay. Importantly, shots of both third and first-person gameplay suggest that you'll be to pick whichever viewpoint takes your fancy. 


What Have Fans Said About The Leaked Redfall Gameplay?

Across the board, fans either seemed to love the aesthetic of Redfall or hate it. One supporter wrote, "Another exclusive banger for Xbox," while another added: "It’s supposed to be a vampire/ borderlands type game so I’m excited. These clips were from September of last year so I expect a lot of improvement." Even though we're sold on the idea of Vampire Borderlands, others were harder to convince.

Critics said: "Yah, definitely looks like a live service game....every Xbox game will be live service within next few years thanks to Lamepass." Someone else concluded, "Is it a shooter? I thought it was something else. If it's a shooter I will hard pass." Remembering the build is supposedly from September, Redfall is likely looking a lost crisper these days. All we need now is for Arkane to break free from the crypt and give us some official Redfall gameplay. 


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