Redfall obliterates Jedi: Survivor player numbers on Xbox

Redfall obliterates Jedi: Survivor player numbers on Xbox
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Tom Chapman


11th May 2023 12:47

It's Redfall vs Star Wars: Jedi Survivor, and while you might think Respawn Entertainment's sci-fi Souls-like has the competition in a Force choke, the Xbox player numbers tell a very different story. Despite having a string of garlic around its neck early on, Redfall could be clawing its way from the grave. 

While both Redfall and Jedi: Survivor have faced rocky launches, the latter has been hotter than Mustafar at trying to fix things, with EA promising weeks of fixes to ensure Cal Kestis' latest adventure is firing on all cylinders. Meanwhile, the Arkane team has gone to ground and kept radio silence on Redfall's sorry state. 

Xbox player numbers show there's hope for Redfall

Star Wars: Jedi Survivor lightsaber battle
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Respawn Entertainment

Although many have written off Redfall already - with its player numbers on Steam painting a pretty grim picture - it seems you're all playing elsewhere. Despite failing to make much of a dent in the Xbox charts early on, True Achievements confirms Redfall is now living large in the afterlife.

With the week ending May 7, Redfall is the third most-played game on Xbox. Coming in behind the immovable might of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare IIRedfall lands the bronze after Fortnite in second. Apparently, Redfall appears in 13% of accounts in the chart's data pool in the past seven days.

Looking closer at the figures, it also gives Redfall the second-biggest Xbox launch of 2023. Mundfish's equally divisive Atomic Heart claims the title of the biggest Xbox launch (so far) of 2023. We know there are still major releases like Starfield on the way, but Redfall has seemingly come from nowhere.

Further down the list, in fact, way further, Jedi: Survivor is in 14th place. Despite the sequel to 2019's Jedi: Fallen Order being called superior to its predecessor by many, Survivor has plummeted down the Xbox charts. It's unclear why, but remember, most are being pushed to experience the new-gen game on PC

What's next for Redfall?

Redfall vampire pillar
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Arkane Studios

It's true that the likes of No Man's Sky and Cyberpunk 2077 came back from the brink, however, the jury's out on whether Redfall can do the same. This strong place in the charts is good news, but it remains to be seen whether the vampiric FPS has the chops to stay there.

Much like Atomic HeartRedfall's Day One release on Game Pass means a legion of players has been shepherded there without having to shell out on buying an actual copy. Also, like the Soviet shooter, there's sure to have been some morbid curiosity about how "bad" Redfall is that's brought you here.

Worryingly, the Redfall team don't seem very active right now. While Xbox's Phil Spencer has apologised for its botched release, the Arkane team haven't said a word. Here's hoping that's because the devs are too busy trying to get Redfall running anything like it claimed it would be. 

This week might've belonged to Redfall, but with Nintendo sure to knock it out of the park with The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom this week, we're sure you'll be dropping your Xboxes en masse to visit Hyrule. Sorry, but we know Link trumps all.

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