Game-breaking Jedi: Survivor enemy permanently steals your XP

Game-breaking Jedi: Survivor enemy permanently steals your XP
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1st May 2023 13:54

This is not the game you're looking for. While we've already been warned you might want to leave Star Wars Jedi: Survivor to cook for a little longer if you're playing on PC, players have now unearthed a seemingly game-breaking bug which permanently robs you of your XP. 

Wasting no time in continuing Cal Kestis' story, Jedi: Survivor picks up five years after THAT frightening finale with Lord Vader and delivers a fully-formed Jedi Knight version of Cal that doesn't force you to level him up from the start. Unfortunately, there's one particular enemy that is snatching XP from Cal's clutches. 

Jedi: Survivor's Mogu enemy will permanently steal your XP

As pointed out by The Gamer, the troll-like Mogu enemy can make light work of Cal and our hard-earned XP. These towering trolls are found in the game's derelict ruins, however, there are multiple reports that they can punch so hard, they'll literally knock your XP off the map. 

One of Jedi: Survivor's USPs is the fact it's a sci-fi Souls-like. If you die, you can track down the enemy that killed you and locate a golden marker to earn back your unspent XP. Reddit user u/brentparz, shared a frustrating screenshot that shows that after dying to a Mogu, their marker is three metres underground.

The inaccessible marker is clearly not meant to be there, and from the Reddit thread, other wannabe Jedi are being struck with the same bug. "Same happened to me right here. Thought I was losing my mind and picked it up without noticing lol," said one.

Another added, "After hitting this problem twice in the past hour, I was ready to put the game on the back burner until some patches, but I feel a little better seeing so many other people running into it as well," while a third said, "Happened to me, so STUPID. I even beat him the minute I respawned."

It's clear the Mogu are one of the most-hated enemies in Jedi: Survivor right now (especially in Grand Master), with someone concluding. "These f*****s just 2 tap you with homing unblockable in GM so I lower the difficulty, destroy him, destroy his bloodline, then re Enable GM before spitting on his corpse."

Jedi: Survivor has more game-breaking bugs

Someone else on Reddit pointed to a game-breaking bug that traps you in the Chamber of Duality if you die, leaving players with no choice but to restart their whole playthrough. This was affecting those on both PS5 and Xbox Series, so watch out. 

As well as promising "weeks of fixes" prior to Jedi: Survivor's release, EA has now apologised for its turbulent launch. On Twitter, the publisher said, "We are aware that Star Wars Jedi: Survivor isn’t performing to our standards for a percentage of our PC players, in particular those with high-end machines or certain specific configurations."

While Jedi: Survivor has been getting glowing reviews for managing to 1-up its predecessor, this is far from a perfect game. This may be like The Empire Strikes Back in terms of storytelling, but that hasn't stopped Survivor feeling like the maligned Attack of the Clones in terms of bugs and glitches. 

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