Redfall player count dips to a worrying low

Redfall player count dips to a worrying low
Arkane Studios

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Joseph Kime


6th Oct 2023 16:40

As will come as no surprise to anyone who has been keeping up with recent gaming releases, Arkane's Redfall hasn't done very well.

The game's critical lambasting prior to launch came as a pretty big shock to fans of Arkane, and when it finally launched, it became clear to all that what they had been saying was true. Redfall felt like a pretty empty game and dubbed as an easy low-point for the masterminds behind Dishonored.

It was a massive shame to see so much work go to waste, failing even in the face of being a huge point of marketing for Xbox Game Pass. Now, the suffering of the game has become more palpable than ever, all while vampire hunters prepare to put another nail in its coffin. 

Redfall can't even make a squad out of its players

The numbers on the Steam Charts site, indicating that on Monday October 2 at 9:00, Redfall only had three players total on Steam.
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Steam Charts

We knew that Redfall was suffering, but a new low has been discovered for the vampiric co-op title, as its players on Steam have tanked to unfathomable levels.

As figures on Steam Charts show, October 2 saw a fresh low for the game, as it amassed only three concurrent players. That's pretty abysmal by any standards, but worse yet, that's one less than what players need actually to put together a squad.

Numbers are all over the place, but in the past week, Redfall couldn't so much as breach 38 players at once. For a game that was released less than six months ago, it's deeply and woundingly low. There have been regular lows of two and three, with plenty of incidents where you've only just been able to scrape a squad. 

Is Redfall dead?

A vampire getting staked in Redfall.
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Arkane Studios

Is Redfall dead? To many, that's a yes. If you want some further explanation, we know that the game still performs the best on Xbox as that's where players with a Game Pass subscription are trying it at no extra cost.

Still, it seems players aren't sticking around with Redfall, and its core experience is so broken that players couldn't even engage if they tried to. These Steam numbers are truly terrible, giving a worrying sign that the game's time has passed seemingly before it has even begun. Sorry, Arkane - we wanted better for you too.

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