World's Largest Pokemon Collection Up For $500k

World's Largest Pokemon Collection Up For $500k
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Tom Chapman


5th Oct 2022 16:01

Someone is set to nab a fair few Pokecoins, as the world's largest collection of Pokemon memorabilia is reportedly up for sale. One Pokemad Pokefan has been collecting merch since the early days, and now, she's ready to put it under the hammer.

Since Pokemon Red and Blue burst onto the gaming scene in 1996, we've had some weird and wonderful bits of memorabilia. From the many McDonald's collaborations to battle coins, finger skateboards, to more obscure items like Heinz pasta shapes, we've seen it all. Much like how Ash tries to catch 'em all, fans are the same with Pokemon memorabilia. 

What's In The World's Largest Pokemon Collection?

World's Largest Pokemon Collection
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Hanson Auctioneers

As reported by the BBC, a woman from Hertfordshire is ready to auction off her colossal collection. The record-breaking haul of 20,000 items will be auctioned off as a singular lot on October 18. More than the sheer number of things included, it's the estimated price tag of $500k/£300k that has our eyes watering like a Lapras. 

Hanson Auctions in Etwall has put the jaw-dropping estimate on the world's largest Pokemon collection, which is currently filling to woman's house. Although the article doesn't name her, a previous BBC article highlighted the collection of Lisa Courtney. In 2016, she claimed the Guinness World Record with 17,127 items of Pokemon memorabilia, but last year, it had climbed to more than 21,000. 

The BBC says she's selling the collection due to "financial reasons," however will be holding onto a select number of items. If you want to know what you'll get for your $500k, the collection includes trading cards, video games, manga, films, posters, toys, action figures, and books from the USA, UK, France, and Japan. Undoubtedly the strangest addition is Pokemon-themed toilet paper. 


What Is The World's Most Expensive Pokemon Card?

Highlights of the collection include German 1st Edition sealed base set packs, a Shadowless Base Set Blastoise card, a Jumbo Lottery Ho-Oh that's one of only 100 ever made, and a Japanese Mew purse plush that's signed by Pokemon creator Shigeki Morimoto. David Wilson-Turner, Head of the Toy Department at Hansons Auctioneers explained the importance of the collection and said, "This is a fantastic once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own the single largest collection of Pokémon memorabilia that has ever come to the market."

Obviously, this sum sounds like Pocket Monster pocket change when compared to the world's most expensive Pokemon cards. There's been a recent run on expensive cards and game cartridges relating to the wide world of Pokemon. Currently holding the record for the world's most expensive Pokemon card is Logan Paul's Pikachu Illustrator card that was bought for a bank-busting $5.275 million (which he only co-owns). We've previously written about the soaring price of Illustrator Pikachu cards if you can find them, but sadly, the world's largest Pokemon collection doesn't contain one.

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