Why Does Fall Guys' Music Slap So Hard?

Why Does Fall Guys' Music Slap So Hard?
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Joseph Kime


18th Jul 2022 13:47

Fall Guys is back on top.

When choruses of fans were quick to call the game show chaos-simulator a dead game, it seems that the team at Mediatonic were scheming a shot to the heart for Fall Guys that would catapult it straight back into players' laps. It's no surprise that this new technique worked so well for the team, adding cross-progression, cross-play, and the game's arrival on practically every console. Plus, as it went free-to-play with an all-new season pass, players waged war to get into lobbies when the game relaunched, and ever since, it has been enjoying refreshed success.

But, of all of the moving parts that makes Fall Guys so special, there's one thing that stands as a constant. And it's that every single one of the songs on the game's soundtrack is an undisputed rager.

Fall Guys' Soundtrack Is Banger After Banger

Why Does Fall Guys' Music Slap So Hard?
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Though many might be a little ashamed to pump it through their headphones on a crowded train, it's hard to deny that the music of Fall Guys is an example of a soundtrack that perfectly exemplifies the aesthetic and atmosphere of its source material.

There's something about the frantic gibberish that the gaggle of beans singing the songs that spurs the player along, especially in the race games, and even though we haven't got a clue what they're all saying (now that we've seen the other side of the Mia Khalifa fiasco), we know what they mean at their core. They're telling you to run. Fast.

The likes of Everybody Falls and Fall 'N' Roll have an amped BPM and musical footprint that brings out the determination in players nearly effortlessly, and the goofiness of its execution makes it equally inconsequential, meaning that if you fall or get eliminated, it doesn't matter, because you can just try again. It feeds the feedback loop of the game without you even recognising it, and wins you over before you've even had the chance to reach the first checkpoint on Lily Leapers.

Fall Guys Is Sheer Sonic Euphoria

Why Does Fall Guys' Music Slap So Hard?
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It's strange that a game like Fall Guys, that seems so throwaway and intends to throw players into games at such force that when they bounce off, they fall into another afterwards, should have a soundtrack that's so remarkably infectious. Yet, it's an incredible example of just how much impact that music can have on video games.


The debate of what extent to which video game music can be considered "real music" still wages, even in spite of the claim being absolute nonsense, and though Fall Guys' absolute jams might not be ones you put on when you get handed the aux, they're still worth commendation of the highest degree.

Jukio Kallio & Daniel Hagström are the driving force of making Fall Guys so intensely compelling, and deserve all of the recognition that can be mustered. Congratulations, boys - you've made some absolute ragers.

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