Warzone Poison Canisters and Gas Canisters can now be found within Verdansk, sneaking into the AO.

10:55, 14 Sep 2020

Call of Duty: Warzone always throws surprises our way, with no game being complete without huge explosions and out of the ordinary "big brain plays". Now, with this new feature, Verdansk is set for some incredible new game-winning squad wipes, as throwable Gas and Poison Cannisters have been found.

Infinity Ward has seemingly snuck this feature into the game, with no clear announcement or even a line in the patch notes referring to them. However, these canisters can be found dotted around the map, where you can pick them up from the floor and launch them toward enemies.

The two types of canisters are Gas, and Poison, both of which can deal a deadly blow to your opponent.

Warzone Gas Canisters

The Gas Canisters are red and often found around houses or near to large stable vehicles. They work by picking them up, throwing them in the direction you're intending to inflict, and shooting the canister to ignite it. Timed to perfection, this canister could inflict a lot of damage to opponents. Paired with a C4, and well, that's a recipe for mass destruction. Place them tactically on staircases and exits means they could be hugely effective.

What?!?! Throwable Gas Canisters from r/CODWarzone

Warzone Poison Canisters

The Warzone Poison Canisters are slightly different, as they explode on impact. It creates a large cloud of poison which is similar to the gas that is used when the circle closes. Often found nearby smaller buildings such as sheds and shacks, popping one of these will slowly deplete the health of anybody within. The counter to this is a Gas Mask, which will then become activated - although this will force the dreaded animation which stops players from aiming. The poison will most likely be met with some kind of stun, similar to a Gas Grenade, proving all the more annoying to be caught in. Seemingly lasting for over ten seconds, the Poison Canisters could be used to flush out campers from buildings or cut off areas of the map.

It's not yet clear why Infinity Ward has kept these a secret, however, keep an eye on the ground for them, as they may be able to be the difference between a squad wipe or a trip to the Gulag.


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Image via Activision

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