CoD: The Board Game will have iconic rivalries like Price and Makarov

CoD: The Board Game will have iconic rivalries like Price and Makarov
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26th Jun 2023 11:00

While we all sit waiting for an official Call of Duty 2023 announcement, there has actually already been a game within the franchise that has been unveiled this year. 

Call of Duty: The Board Game was announced earlier this year, and now GGRecon has had the opportunity to sit down and discuss what you can expect to unbox when it releases next year.

One of the finer details is the characters, as the franchise has so many iconic characters to choose from. So which series are they focused on? Modern Warfare? Its reboot? Black Ops? Well, the answer is, all of them.

Call of Duty: The Board Game will have extension packs for main series characters

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The board game is set to be a 1v1 battleground, harnessing your inner Rust demon mode, where you will pre-determine four rolls at a time and use your arsenal to combine a play style that you want, whether you're a run-and-gun player or a sit-back sniper.

You'll also be able to wield the personalities of formidable foes and familiar protagonists, all on iconic battlegrounds like Shoot House. 

But as for the characters, Arcane Wonders' father-and-son duo Bryan Pope (CEO) and Ben Pope (Lead Game Designer), revealed that the Modern Warfare and Black Ops stories will both be included.

"Okay, so we're leaving out World War II.  We're going to save it for something special. That one might be coming down the road - and I'm very excited about that cause I'm a big World War II fan - but we're keeping everything that's modern, including Black Ops and Cold War," said Bryan.

"Not the sci-fi stuff that came out for a short time either; Infinite Warfare and Advanced Warfare. we're keeping in that modern range.

"We're mixing and matching a little content, too. We might have maps from this game and maps from that one. We're trying to handpick some of the iconic characters that players love and know, iconic maps that are famous for certain types of game modes, and each of the maps come with different game modes. We're trying to pick maps that are like really good for that game mode.

"The driving force is popularity and "Does it fit well?" for good tactics and mechanics."

The first issue of Call of Duty: The Board game will feature Ghost and Shepherd as they battle it out on a fast-paced Shoot House map.

Makarov, Roze, Price, and Farah are among the playable characters for Call of Duty: The Board Game

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Following the first pack release with Ghost and Shepherd, Arcane Wonders is planning expansion packs to cover more of the series.

"Everything's on the table, added Bob. "We want to introduce as many iconic characters over time as we can.

"We'll come out with classics like Ghost versus Shepherd and Captain Price versus Makarov. We want to have Farah in there and Sebastian Krueger. Russell Adler versus Stitch - a classic matchup - and Rose (Rosalyn Holmes). We're trying to get a diverse roster, but also like the most iconic characters and there's so much content that we can tap into there."

It will be the first time in the franchise's history that you can control both Makarov and Shepherd, the two most famous villains in the series.

Call of Duty: The Board Game will launch in Summer 2024, with the Kickstarter scheme will roll out on August 1, 2023.

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