Scrappy and CleanX give props to Hicksy in the best version of Toronto Ultra ever

Scrappy and CleanX give props to Hicksy in the best version of Toronto Ultra ever
Stevie Hughes | Toronto Ultra

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Jack Marsh


17th Jun 2023 00:01

Statistics aren't everything. In a time when Atlanta FaZe is defending their playstyle amid some "stat padding" claims, it's Toronto Ultra who have spurred the debate on even further as they dump their rivals into the lower bracket despite being outslayed.

Arguably the most impactful player in the lobby though has been dropping .85 kill-to-death ratios, and despite lapping in many of the plaudits and accolades themselves, Thomas "Scrappy" Ernst and Tobias "CleanX" Juul Jonsson have tipped their hats to Charlie "Hicksy" Hicks, who is enabling them to do their own thing.

Speaking to GGRecon after their win against FaZe, both Scrappy and CleanX were full of support for their SMG rookie, and continued to claim that this is the best version of Toronto Ultra that we've seen yet.

Hicksy laps the plaudits from teammates after FaZe demolition

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Hicksy already has eyes on becoming the first European Call of Duty League World Champion in his rookie year, but social media warriors have not been too fruitful for the young man.

But despite not being the leading statistician, he's coming in clutch with huge kills at the right time, and his teammates are loving it.

"It's quite a big switch up from what we were used to, like at Major One and Two with Standy," CleanX told GGRecon. "The way Charlie plays just helps literally everyone on the team. It helps Jamie be a little more selfless. It helps this guy [Scrappy] just challenge everyone. He helps me just do whatever I want in the back and you can always trust him to pick up the important kills. 

"Even yesterday he picked up probably the most important kill of the day and on the rotation at the end of the first map against Thieves."

Scrappy agreed, adding, "Charlie gets all the hate on Twitter. But I've seen him be called 'the most impactful 0.85' and it's actually true. He is the most impactful .85. The kills he gets are insane. The routes he takes, the places he is, his comms, it just makes the overall game just easier for all of us."

"He's a champion. He has a winning mentality and winning performances when he needs to. Having him on the team's a blessing."

CleanX backs this version of Toronto Ultra to go one better than Cold War

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Toronto Ultra has now secured a minimum placing of third in this World Championships, which puts them within spitting distance of their record silver medal during Cold War, where they were the most calculated team to be ever formed.

Now though, with just two games between them and creating history, CleanX has claimed that this team is the best version of Ultra.

After being outright asked, CleanX said, "It's gonna be a bit controversial because of the Cold War team, but, I definitely think this team has a lot higher of a ceiling. We're a young team still, I feel like we have a lot of growth still.

"I think we're still in the phase of learning what we are as a team, and our dynamic is just insane. Like this guy [points to Scrappy] picks up every piece possible. Jamie's just Jamie, and Charlie's just doing his job and making it easy for me to just run around and do what I do best: just run."

Ultra now faces either OpTic or New York in the Winners Final, looking to book their place in the Grand Final for the second time in their four-year history.

Jack is an Esports Journalist at GGRecon. Graduating from the University of Chester, with a BA Honours degree in Journalism, Jack is an avid esports enthusiast and specialises in Rocket League, Call of Duty, VALORANT, and trending gaming news.

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