WSOW winners Biffle & Swifty eye the CDL and a Warzone dynasty

WSOW winners Biffle & Swifty eye the CDL and a Warzone dynasty
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Jack Marsh


17th Sep 2023 12:19

It was an annihilation. Everyone perished at the hands of "Biffle", "Shifty", and "Sage". The World Series of Warzone champions eased to victory and befittingly won the final heat of the event as they were crowned as the inaugural Warzone LAN champions.

The trio of gladrags and outcasts were given "no chance" going into the WSOW Global Finals, with hackusers claiming that the previously blacklisted players wouldn't be able to make the cut on LAN away from their own set-ups, with many waiting in the wings to witness their downfall and call "cheaters" for their online dominance.

But this wasn't the case. Instead, Team Biffle simply erupted, devastated, and cruised to victory, ending up a whopping 75 points clear of second place (218 to 143), utterly outclassing the other 147 competitors throughout the entire day. 

Now, as Warzone World Champions, these young guns have set their sights on conquering the Call of Duty world, with aspirations of becoming the first-ever Warzone dynasty team or heading to the CDL to become multi-game Champions.

Shifty eyes the CDL after conquering Warzone

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Shifty's story of becoming World Series of Warzone champion is one of early learning and maturing, having once broken onto the scene as a loud-mouthed youngster hoping his waves would lead to popularity and status. 

However, after having been accused of hacking, refusing checks, and being blacklisted from teams and events, Shifty has come back with a vengeance by knuckling down and focusing solely on humility and performance to silence any doubters by qualifying and winning LAN events. And it's that live-action Call of Duty atmosphere that is driving his future goals towards the multiplayer Call of Duty League.

Speaking to GGRecon in a conference, Shifty said, "I know these guys hate it," pointing to his teammates, "Warzone - it's a challenge and I like that - but something about the CDL entices me.

"I like the hard work. Being able to start from the bottom again, and then work my way up, and especially LANs, I feed off this energy. I think everyone saw this, I was hyped the whole day, and when you hear the crowd cheer and you can feel like the ground rumbling, that's what gets me, it's a different feeling you cannot get from home.

So, if it's right, if the paper says something that makes my eyes pop up, then maybe."

Both Bizzle and Shifty have recently been playing wagers and small showmatches against some of the CDL pros, showing they have what it takes to at least have the talent and the gun skills, if not yet having that nuance of rotations and 4v4 cohesion.

However high Shifty's ambitions might be though, he is sticking on Warzone for the meantime, given that a CDL calling might be too soon, and who knows what the future holds for Warzone esports.

"I think I'm gonna have to keep Warzone for a little bit longer. I have to see it through with these guys. I'm going to see through this dynasty. I have to see how it ends. I just don't want to be like the OpTic guys hating eachother. I don't want that breakup. I want to be at the top forever."

Biffle wants a Warzone dynasty after WSOW Global Finals win

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Biffle doesn't want to complete the Scump-feat and take over both Warzone and multiplayer though, and instead sees more fruits from continuing content creation over scrims and creating a Warzone dynasty team moving forward.

When asked by GGRecon, he said, "I think it was more this guy," pointing to Shifty. "He's been talking about it. He's saying, 'After the World Series, he might go to the CDL.' I'm like, 'nah, bro, come on. We're a new dynasty right now in Warzone'."

"Especially with those other tournaments that we've played, we won almost all of them coming up into the World Series. Now we've won this one, it's even better."

The now 20-year-old Call of Duty prodigy is already being dubbed as one of the most talented players ever, with scope to become a legend of the franchise in years to come, after such a dominating performance as the WSOW-winning captain amongst other accolades.

Biffle did offer more explanation into ruling out his transition to multiplayer too, despite featuring in many events and practices alongside the League's elite players, claiming his content roots are too enjoyable to give up.

"Honestly, I don't think I can. Those guys, they grind a lot. They put in the hours and I enjoy streaming, talking to my chat, and everything that comes with content creation. It's a fun thing to do. It's not too stressful - other than this tournament, but, hey, we got it, we brought it home."

The trio will likely try and stick together to continue their dominance in Warzone throughout the next few months. Still, with CDL rostermania on the cards, Shifty could be ready to swoop into one of the lower-tier teams who have yet to settle on which rookies they want to gamble on...

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