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16:00, 18 Mar 2020

In the fast-paced world of Call of Duty: Warzone, it can be difficult to find the guns you want on the vast battlefield that is Verdansk.

The varied fights you will face in the Battle Royale extend from short-range one-on-one duels to seemingly endless and arduous long-range scuffles.

Warzone will appeal to long-time COD fans and new players alike, for new and experienced players coming over from other BR’s such as Fortnite and Apex Legends. Those with the know-how will have their perfect loadout on lock already, but for those struggling with Call of Duty’s weapon system, we’re here to help.


The Rarity System

The rarity system for weapons is one we’re all familiar with, with five glowing colours indicating the quality of the gun. There are no lootable attachments in Warzone, and rarity denotes how many attachments you will find on that specific gun.

The colour rarities are as follows;

  • White: Common (Zero attachments)
  • Green: Uncommon (One attachment)
  • Blue: Rare (Three attachments)
  • Purple: Epic (Four attachments)
  • Gold: Legendary (Five attachments).

These attachments range from larger ammo mags to thermal scopes, to better grips.

There is also a custom loadout colour; pink. The reddish-pink glow surrounding the gun denotes it is a player-customised gun, which can be picked off the corpse of an enemy or obtained from a loot drop purchased from a Buy Station in-game. The loadout itself can be edited in the game menu.

Be aware, the attachments for your guns must be earned in-game by levelling up the weapon, which is linked to your Modern Warfare multiplayer account. Not to worry, if you’re only a Warzone player, you can still level up your guns through playing the Battle Royale.


Our top picks for every weapon category


  • M4A1

This is our best choice for new players, as it’s widely known as the most reliable gun in the game. Versatile and strong, with many setups being viable, this balanced assault rifle is also the top pick for pro COD players, which makes it our number one.

  • ODEN

For a more powerful controlled weapon, the Oden is highly recommended. Maintaining the slowest rate of fire out of the assault rifles, each bullet packs a punch, so for those who like little recoil over long distances, Oden is our gun.

  • RAM-7

The RAM-7 has the same damage rate as the M4A1, but has a much faster rate of fire making this a great Assault rifle for mid-to-close confrontations. The RAM requires slightly less accuracy at close range with the fire rate being so high, however, this does take away from the control of the weapon over longer distances.

Want to learn more about the Assault Rifles and what attachments to use? Head to our dedicated Warzone assault rifle guide here.


  • AUG

A go-to SMG for range/damage scaling, and perfect for close-range fights. The AUG is also fully automatic.

  • P90

Fortnite players will recognise this gun as the Compact SMG, powerful yet light, and with a relatively large clip. It does, however, have pretty bad recoil, but if you’re able to control it, it becomes a lethal option.

  • MP5

The pro pick, and good for new players, the MP5 has high accuracy and control, allowing you to maintain the shot on the enemy even when moving.

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  • 725

This pump-action shotgun delivers two devastating hits while being easy to control.


  • PKM

LMG’s can be the best option for players who love to spray ‘n’ pray. Fully automatic and with high damage, the PKM is our top pick.

  • SA87

Although the SA87 has not been a fan favourite in the past, its recent buff may make it a viable option. Also, fully automatic and stable, meaning it’s effective at long range.

Marksman Rifles

  • Kar98K

This bolt-action wartime relic is a monster in the hands of a keen marksman and is our first choice. It boasts obscene amounts of damage and precision but can still be used for no-scopes in a pinch.

  • MK2Carbine 

Our second choice, the MK2 does incredible headshot damage, but can also down an opponent with a shot to the chest. Again, the accuracy and damage stats are high.

Sniper Rifles

  • HDR

The HDR sniper rifle is consistent at long range and packs a punch. The most important thing about this sniper is the lack of bullet drop, which is necessary on a huge map like Verdansk.

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Does the perfect loadout change in Solo mode?

Yes and no.

Solo players will want to focus on perfecting a Sniper/SMG loadout, allowing players to switch comfortably between short and long-range engagements. Trios will need at least one Sniper on their team, while adding Assault Rifles and SMGs to that team setup, being prepared for any eventuality and ambush.

Feel free to take on our recommendations in your next Warzone match, and check back at GGRecon for more COD tips & tricks.

Images via Activision

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