Walmart Clears Up Pokemon Squishmallow Confusion

Walmart Clears Up Pokemon Squishmallow Confusion
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Joseph Kime


9th Jan 2023 11:21

Is anyone else on the Squishmallow hype, or is it just us? Squishmallows seem to have taken over, with the big and squishy guys sweeping supermarkets everywhere, in the US especially.

With their ongoing collaborations with Pixar and Star Wars, they could go the way of the Funko Pop! figure and take over pop culture entirely.

But, one collab is sticking out more than any other, as some customers in the US are starting to find Pokemon-themed Squishmallows, with Pikachu and Gengar appearing in the tall grass (Walmart) over the last week.

Sadly, they've since been recalled. It has caused a lot of confusion, but thankfully, Walmart has quickly cleaned up.

Walmart Addresses Pokemon Squishmallow Confusion

Even though Pikachu and Gengar have been quietly pulled from Walmart store shelves, we thankfully have some word on why they were taken away in the first place. We also know they will definitely be coming back.

A silver lining is that the pulling isn't a result of faulty products - it is instead just to keep stores from selling them, as they're actually not supposed to be out until February.

"Squishmallows x Pokémon are not being recalled, they simply set a bit too early," says a representative of Jazwares in response to Polygon. "Fans can expect to see them roll out soon for purchase. This happens sometimes — stock goes out on the floor a bit early and systems have not yet caught up.”

What Are The Pokemon Squishmallows?

You might've noticed some differences between the Walmart Squishmallows and ones from the Pokemon Center, with some accusing the former of being cheap knock-offs.

Instead, the first batch was a limited edition run, while the next lot will come in different sizes and won't have the Pokemon Center badge. The new Squishmallows will be as small as a 3.5-inch clip-on keychain and as big as 24 inches. 

So, we might have to wait another moment before we can pounce on the Squishmallows - but in better news, there are more Pokemon planned to join the crossover line.

It won't just be Pikachu and Gengar joining the roster, as it has been confirmed by Jazwares and The Pokemon Company that there are more products in the line planned, with even more Pokemon joining the big squishy army.

So, even if we have to wait until next month for Pikachu and Gengar to land, we know that it's just the beginning. Nerds, get your wallets out - it's gonna be a long year.

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