Twitch's Amouranth Claims She's In An Abusive Relationship

Twitch's Amouranth Claims She's In An Abusive Relationship
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Joseph Kime


17th Oct 2022 08:50

Amouranth has stunned fans by revealing in a particularly emotional Twitch stream that she has suffered domestic abuse from her husband.

Kaitlyn "Amouranth" Siragusa is known as one of the platform's most popular streamers. She's often found on Twitch, but in her latest live stream, revealed the shocking news - announcing that she is married and claiming that her husband has been controlling many of her assets.

Amouranth Accuses Her Husband Of Abuse

As shared to Twitter by The Guard's Hunter, Amouranth told fans that she has a husband, despite being pressured to indicate to fans that she's single. She goes on to say the he has reportedly threatened to kill her dogs, forced her to stream, and take all of her earnings from the platform with control of her finances.

She maintains that his control of her assets has extended to the point where he threatened to leave her with $1M and gamble the rest in crypto investments, with the logins and access to the accounts.

Amouranth goes on to share their text messages, showing her husband threatening to throw out her things from their shared home, calling her stream "garbage," and telling her that he'd donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to charities if she refused to respond to him.


Fans Respond To Amouranth's Twitch Reveal

She states that it's "basically living in a fancy prison," and tearfully tries to talk her husband down from shouting at her over the phone. People have rallied around on Twitter to show their support for Amouranth, in hopes that she'll find a way out of her current situation.

Among her supports are the likes of Rachell "Valkyrae" Hofstetter, who responded saying: "It’s disgusting seeing the internet continue to invalidate and dehumanize victims of abuse. What Amouranth has been trapped in is very real.. especially having joint accounts, married, dealing with threats, etc. I hope she gets the freedom and relief any human in abuse deserves."

Of course, though, there are those who are sceptical of her claims, suggesting that her emotional reveal is a publicity stunt.


The news has seen some wretched reactions, but thankfully, it has been met with equal measures of support. This is a deeply upsetting revelation for Amouranth, and we hope that she's safe from her situation soon.

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