Tony The Tiger And His Milk-Cooled PC Are Coming To Twitch

Tony The Tiger And His Milk-Cooled PC Are Coming To Twitch
Images: Kellogg's

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Joseph Kime


17th Aug 2022 14:29

VTubers are a trend that has kicked off massively over on Twitch. The prospect of jumping on camera is daunting to many, and yet, Twitch's popularity practically relies on it. In a very 2022 workaround, streamers adopt an anime model to do the fronting for them

Hiding behind a cartoon character adapts to their real-life reactions and practically serves as a full-body Snapchat filter. It's genius, as it allows people to not only create an online persona that doesn't put them at risk, but it lets them play characters live in a brand-new way. Sadly, brands are getting involved, meaning Kellogg's has added a fresh horror.

Why Is Tony The Tiger A VTuber?

Tony The Tiger And His Milk-Cooled PC Are Coming To Twitch
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Lord have mercy. As part of an incredibly bizarre collaboration between Kellogg's and Twitch's Brand Partnership Studio, Tony the Tiger has become a VTuber. Yes, we mean the mascot for Frosties.

Tony is getting into streaming, and who knows what he'll be playing? One thing's for certain though, he's going to be advertising the hell out of Frosties. He's joining the streaming service with his own milk-cooled PC, which is absolutely revolting when you think about it for longer than a second. What happens when it curdles? Why hasn't Kellogg's thought of curdling?

This advertising push is particularly odd for a number of reasons, but primarily, it's strange to think that Kellogg's expected that Tony The Tiger beaming nerds on PUBG would be interesting to the populous of Twitch whatsoever. At least Felix "xQc" Lengyel should be safe for now.


Why On Earth Is Tony The Tiger Streaming?

This concept is such a bizarre one, as Twitch fans will know from a mere glance that this is simply advertising. As such, nobody's going to go out of their way to watch it, in the same way that Chuck E. Cheese saying "poggers" was little more than cringe-fodder.

It doesn't really matter what Tony plays, either. People tune into streams for one of two things, either incredible skill or great hosting. Tony the Tiger is going to be heavily scripted to keep in line with Kellogg's values, so unless the Frosties mascot is absolutely cracked, there is not a single reason to watch. Product placement has met a new high with this strange collab, and lord knows where it's going to head next. We'll see you in chat, where everyone will probably be bullying that poor tiger.

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